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How to make doughnuts

How to make doughnuts

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Baking & Desserts

How to make doughnuts

Delicious doughnuts are one of the most popular desserts across Canada. We can't get enough of these sweet treats! 
There are two main types of doughnuts: yeast doughnuts, which usually have a light and fluffy texture, and cake doughnuts, which are more dense and tender. 
A healthy twist
Despite the doughnut's bad rap for being too sugary and high in calories, minor adjustments when making these goodies will result in a healthier (yet just as tasty) alternative. Irene Fong, one of Canadian Living Test Kitchen's food specialist, shares her tips. 
"Swap a heavy sugary glaze with a dusting of icing sugar or dip them into a fruit puree or coulis," Fong suggests.

You can also try baking the dough instead of deep-frying it. "If you like the cake doughnuts, you can purchase a doughnut pan, which is much like a mini bundt pan, where you can bake your doughnuts in the oven."

Doughnut dilemmas
A number of things can go wrong when making these divine desserts. Here are a few common problems and how you can avoid them: 
Problem: Overloading the deep-fryer or pan.
Solution: "This can lower the cooking temperature of the oil, creating a greasy, heavy doughnut," Fong says. "Don't cook more than three to four doughnuts in each batch and use an accurate thermometer to make sure the temperature stays the same throughout the cooking process."
Problem: My sugar won't stick to my doughnuts.
Solution: "Be sure to roll your freshly cooked doughnuts in sugar while they're still hot so the mixture has a chance to stick," Fong advises.
Problem: My dough is sticky.
Solution: "Avoid the heartbreak of sticky dough by making sure you grease and/or flour your surfaces generously before you begin to proof your dough," she says.

And remember, be prepared before you start frying. "Once you start frying, things will move rather quickly so be sure to have everything set up and ready to go," Fong adds. 
Try making one of these tasty treats today!

Delicious doughnut recipes
In cooking, a sponge is a batterlike mixture that becomes foamy. Here it makes lightweight but not airy doughnuts.

This is a modern twist on the traditional jam-filled Israeli Hanukkah favourite – sufganiyot. These are most delicious eaten the same day they are made.

This dough is really a thick cake batter. It is easiest to drop the balls into the hot oil using a mini ice-cream scoop.

Delightful doughnuts
Churros are deep-fried lengths of choux-type pastry coated in sugar and sold warm by street vendors. Mexican churros are firmer and drier than these, which are easy to pipe.

Golden brown and crispy apple fritters are the perfect way to end any meal. This is a treat adults and children will love.

While latkes are the number 1 Hanukkah food in Canada, these sugar-coated jam-filled doughnuts are getting more recognition every year.

These jelly fauxnuts are a delicious cake version of a doughnut. Mix things up and try it with different fillings.
Expand your doughnut horizons with 7 doughnut variations from around the world.


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Baking & Desserts

How to make doughnuts