Fantasy Castle Birthday Cake Fantasy Castle Birthday Cake

Fantasy Castle Birthday Cake 150 Image by: Fantasy Castle Birthday Cake 150 Author: Canadian Living

Kids of any age will love to call this castle their home. You can customize the cake to incorporate a child's favourite colours and special candies or chocolate for the decorations.

  • Portion size 20 servings
  • Credits : Canadian Living Magazine: July 1995



Using serrated knife, cut White Butter Cake crosswise into 4 even strips for walls. From 1 wall, cut out small arch for front doorway; trim cutout into triangle shape. On cake board, stand walls, cut side down and with ends touching, to form rectangle.

Remove 1 cup (250 mL) of the Butter Icing to separate small bowl; tint with purple food colouring and set aside.

Tint remaining icing yellow. Using small palette knife, ice inside and outside of walls with yellow icing. Ice traingle shape all over except bottom; place on top of archway to form gable. With knife tip or toothpick, mark brickwork on walls.

Cover inside of courtyard floor with candy-coated milk chocolate rounds for cobblestones. Evenly space foil-covered chocolate teardrops and squares and gum balls on top of walls. Place inverted ice-cream cone on each corner of cake for turrets. Using pastry bag fitted with small star tip, pipe reserved purple icing around turrets. Pipe purple icing onto walls for windows.

Garnish castle walls, gable and archway as desired with silver dragees, gum balls, licorice and chocolate bar pieces. Lay waffle cookie under arch for drawbridge. Trim red licorice twists and position as ropes for drawbridge.

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Fantasy Castle Birthday Cake