Pina Colada Cheesecake Pina Colada Cheesecake

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Take your taste buds to the tropics, The rich coconut flavour of a pina colada livens up a cheesecake that's topped with sunny caramelized pineapple and served with a golden sauce.

  • Portion size 16 servings
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Pineapple Caramel Sauce:


In bowl, stir cookie crumbs with coconut; stir in butter until moistened. Lightly grease 9-inch (2.5 L) springform pan. Centre on square of heavy-duty foil; press to side of pan. Press mixture evenly into pan. Bake in centre of 325°F (160°C) oven for 15 minutes or until golden and firm to the touch. Let cool on rack.

Filling: Meanwhile, in food processor, blend cream cheese until smooth. Add coconut cream, sugar, pineapple and vanilla; blend well. Add eggs; mix untiI just blended. Pour over crust.

Place pan in larger pan. Pour enough hot water into larger pan to come 1 inch (2.5 cm) up sides. Bake in centre of 325°F (160°C) oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until edge is set and centre is still jiggly. Turn off oven; let cheesecake cool in closed oven for 1 hour.

Peel foil from pan; let cool completely in pan on rack. Refrigerate for 4 hours or until chilled. (Make-ahead: Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 3 days.) Remove pan side.

Pineapple Caramel Sauce: Meanwhile, drain pineapple juice into small saucepan; reserve slices. Heat juice over medium heat. In heavy saucepan, stir sugar with 1/3 cup (75 mL) water over medium heat until dissolved. Increase heat to medium-high; cover for 1 minute. Uncover and boil, without stirring, until pale caramel colour. Stirring constantly and averting face, slowly pour in hot juice; boil vigorously, uncovered, for 5 minutes or until reduced to 1-1/4 cups (300 mL).

Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or until thickened. (Make-ahead: Refrigerate for up to 3 days.)

Topping: Pat pineapple slices dry; arrange on rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle with sugar. Broil for 10 minutes or until golden and caramelized. Let cool. (Make-ahead: Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 6 hours.) Arrange overlapping slices on cheesecake. With spoon, drizzle sauce decoratively over each dessert plate; top with slice of cheesecake.

Nutritional facts <b>Per serving:</b> about

  • Sodium 211 mg
  • Protein 6 g
  • Calories 418.0
  • Total fat 25 g
  • Cholesterol 103 mg
  • Saturated fat 16 g
  • Total carbohydrate 45 g


  • Iron 9.0
  • Folate 7.0
  • Calcium 5.0
  • Vitamin A 25.0
  • Vitamin C 8.0
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Pina Colada Cheesecake