10 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try

10 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try



10 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try

These 10 Canadian coffee roasters bring specialty coffee straight to your favourite mug.

Who doesn't want a delicious cup of coffee that does more than just wake you up? You can support Canadian businesses with your favourite morning ritual.

Discover these 10 coffee roasters from across Canada that are committed to bringing you the best beans.



Based in Toronto, Subtext is committed to preserving biodiversity and sustainability in their coffee sourcing.



Luna is a small coffee roastery based outside of Vancouver. They specialize in seasonal coffees, diverse varieties and light, bright roasts.



Based in Markham, Hatch started out when their founder was hand-roasting coffee in West Africa. Since then, they have expanded and now sell their beans in many coffeeshops across the country. 

Rogue Wave


Edmonton-based coffee roaster Rogue Wave are committed to providing their customers with the best experience. This involves "deep diving" into the science of coffee brewing and constantly following the path of innovation.



Based in Ottawa, September's mission is to connect importers to their customers through a mutual appreciation of coffee and terroir.



Vancouver-based Nemesis's mission is, and always has been, to be as transparent as possible about their relationships with the farmers and the sourcing of their beans. They aim to act as an intermediary and to honour the process that goes into a great cup of coffee.

De Mello


Award-winning De Mello is Toronto-based and sell not only coffee, but also a variety of other coffee-related goods and equipment. Plus, they also offer latte art classes if you want to learn how to make the prettiest coffees at home!



Montreal-based and award-winning, ZAB's online store is sure to satisfy coffee connoisseurs and beginners alike. They also offer barista workshops and even coffee subscriptions.

Za & Klo


Za & Klo is a small, Montreal-based coffee roaster offering a carefully-curated selection of beans. Plus, it's owned by women!



Another great one based in Montreal, Traffic is a small group of like-minded individuals committed to quality over quantity. We also love their fun, colourful packaging!






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10 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try