Negroni Cocktail

Photography: Canadian Living

  • Portion size 1 serving



Add the blood orange juice, sugar and rosemary to a cocktail shaker. Muddle until the rosemary starts to break down and become fragrant. Add the gin, Campari, vermouth, egg white or aquafaba, and bitters.

Remove the spring portion of a Hawthorne strainer and drop the spring into the shaker. Shake with vigour for 1 minute. Add the ice and shake again for at least another minute.

Strain the cocktail into a rocks glass and garnish with the additional rosemary sprig.


Bar Tip:

Aquafaba is the liquid in a can of chickpeas or the liquid left in the pot after you cook dried chickpeas. It acts as an emulsifier and a foaming agent in the same way that egg white does. If you’re vegan or just a little put off by the idea of there being raw egg in your cocktail, aquafaba will allow you to make traditional sours or fizzes without ever cracking an egg. Don’t worry about the smell or taste of the aquafaba; the smell will evaporate, and the chickpea taste will be neutralized when you shake the cocktail.

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Negroni Cocktail