10 Halloween cocktail recipes

10 Halloween cocktail recipes

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10 Halloween cocktail recipes

halloween eyeball martini Eyeballtini (Gin Martini with Carved Radish Garnish)
Veins and all, this carved radish eyeball is a fantastic accent for a classic gin martini. Up the creep factor by leaving the “optic nerve” (or hairy root end) attached.

halloween shooters Purple People Eaters (Gummi Worm Shooters)
Concoct semisolid shooters using different juices, jellies and alcohol to pop right out of their cups into waiting mouths. For nonalcoholic shooters, replace vodka with additional juice.

halloween punch Shrunken Head Punch
Carved and dried apples that look like little shrunken heads add a scary garnish to this cider-based punch. Make a second batch of heads to put in jars and use as eerie decorations.

halloween martini Alien Autopsy Cocktail
Blue curacao (orange-flavoured liqueur) gives this vibrant, glowing shooter cocktail its eerie greenish colour. Float a blackberry “brain” for a gruesome garnish.

halloween martini Jack-o-Lantern Cocktail
This orange cocktail (seen at far left) with black licorice garnish is just made for Halloween.

halloween black martini The Devil's Black Martini
Black vodka and a black olive give just the right gothic hue to this martini.

halloween martini Goblin Face Caesar-tini
Pickle juice, horseradish and hot sauce add their zesty kicks to this cocktail (seen at centre).

halloween martini Rotten Apple Martini
A gummi worm garnish adds a whimsical touch to this sour green martini (seen at far right).

halloween bloody mary Fiery Bloody Marys with Cucumber Spears
Particularly enticing to creatures who drink blood, this Bloody Mary is a little spicy. You can lighten up on the horseradish, hot pepper sauce and vodka if you like. For the virgin version, omit the vodka entirely.

halloween bloody mary Colourful Gin Martinis: Bluetini, Redtini, Greentini
Set up a basic cocktail bar with ice, glasses, shakers and garnishes (such as olives, pickled onions, lemon rind strips and cocktail picks). Then add a little colour with the variations of this classic martini.

Candy Cocktails
Why should the little ones have all the fun? For an adult take on your favourite Halloween candy, try one of the 5 most popular and convincing candy drinks, according to readers: the Tootsie Roll, Sweet Tart, Creamsicle, M&M and After Eight.


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10 Halloween cocktail recipes