25 recipes for two

25 recipes for two

Cheesesteak Sandwiches for Two
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25 recipes for two

Whether you're planning a special-occasion dinner or searching for smaller-portion recipes to cut down on leftovers, the following recipes for two offer lots of  mix-and-match choices for a fabulous feast à deux.

Our collection of tested-till-perfect recipes for two includes fresh seafood choices, savoury meat courses and easy-to-make side dishes. If you're looking for vegetarian options, we've put together a selection of recipes that are packed with tasty veggies. And, don't forget dessert! You'll love completing your meal with delicious chocolate truffles or a luxurious chocolate souffle.

Side dishes for two:

1. Pine Nut Pilaf for Two
This rice takes only minutes to prepare then steams to tenderness while you make your main course.

2. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes for Two
An easy, low-calorie side dish that's packed with flavour.

3. Buttermilk Smashed Potatoes for Two
This recipe makes just enough creamy mashed potatoes for two.

Vegetarian dinners for two:

4. Asparagus and Emmenthal Omelette Roll-Ups for Two
A great dish to serve with Broiled Tomato Halves.

5. Stuffed Squash for Two
With a celery, mushroom, sunflower seed and Jarlsberg cheese stuffing, this recipe for sumptuous squash is great for an evening in.

6. Roman Pizza for Two
This is a perfect way to showcase fresh asparagus as well as allow the eggs to be cooked to order. If desired, sprinkle cornmeal on the baking sheet before adding the dough.

Fish & seafood dinners for two:

7. Classic Shrimp Cocktail for Two
An elegant dish to begin a romantic evening for two.

8. Lobster Fettuccine for Two
You can get freshly cooked lobsters in the seafood department of the supermarket.

9. Mussels in Tomato Sauce for Two
Serve with intimate meal with a fresh baguette or tossed salad.

10. Pan-Steamed Fish Dinner for Two
This all-in-one meal doubles easily for a larger family — just use a bigger saucepan. Any firm-fleshed fish is good; try grouper, halibut, salmon or cod.

11. Tilapia for Two
Toaster ovens are versatile, energy-efficient and perfect for cooking small portions. Fresh bread crumbs are the secret to the fish's crunchy coating.

12. Grilled Lemon Herb Trout for Two
Finely flavoured with fresh parsley, thyme and a squeeze of lemon, this grilled entree is ready to plate in half an hour.

Meat dishes for two:

13. Peanut Chicken and Cauliflower Curry Stir-Fry for Two
Serve this midly spiced, colourful main with white Basmati Rice.

14. Quick Chicken for Two
This chicken favourite is quick to make and packed with flavour -- plus, it's high in iron.

15. Pork with Spicy-Sweet Pepper Sauce for Two
Hot peppers, soy sauce, Thai chili sauce and gingerroot create a perfectly balanced fusion of sweet and spicy in this 20-minute dish.

16. Cheesesteak Sandwiches for Two
With little effort, these classic sandwiches are always a delight.

17. Beef Simmer for Two
This saucy combination of lean steak strips and tender-crisp vegetables takes just minutes in the skillet.

18. Stroganoff Toss for Two
Economical ground beef with flavour high notes of caraway and paprika will be a hit that can easily be doubled to serve four.

19. Lamb Grill for Two
If the weather doesn't invite barbecuing, you can just as easily broil these tender chops. Serve with sauteed zucchini slices and sweet potatoes.

Desserts for two:

20. Chai Tea for Two
Chai is an Indian spiced-tea beverage that is enjoyed both hot and iced. Dried orange rind and ginger add even more flavour.

21. Chocolate Truffles for Two
This recipe makes six creamy, rich dark chocolate truffles -- a perfect accompaniment to a cup of espresso or as a little surprise to wrap and rest on someone's pillow.

22. Chocolate Fondue for Two
Cap off a romantic dinner with silky chocolate fondue, just for you and your sweetie.

23. Lemon Sponge Pudding for Two
This popular sponge pudding recipe is a light, airy treat, perfect for your special Valentine's Day meal.

24. Chocolate Souffle for Two
Surrender to the sumptuousness of chocolate with this decidedly delicious dessert. It's even more luxurious when you part the top and slip in a scoop of vanilla ice cream or raspberry sorbet.

25. Chocolate Meringues with Ice Cream and Berries
An alternative to piping the meringues into star shapes is to create small nest-shaped mounds with a spoon. Choose your favourite flavour of ice cream.


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25 recipes for two