65+ kid-friendly recipes

65+ kid-friendly recipes



65+ kid-friendly recipes

We've created this great selection of healthy, kid-friendly meals to offer you a one-stop collection of quick and easy recipes your child will love.

Start the day off right with a good-for-you breakfast, followed up by an easy-to-make lunch with smart snack choices sprinkled throughout, and your child will be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast and brunch

Apple Danish Roll-Ups - This recipe won in a contest held by the Thames Valley Children's Nutrition Network.
Apple Muesli - It's a good snack to send in the lunchbox for a quick pickup when children are on their way home.
Apricot Honey Oatmeal - This porridge isn't just fruity; it has honey in it, and everybody knows bears love honey.
Big Batch Buttermilk Pancakes - Here are "the best pancakes yet" from the Breakfast for Kids Program at Holy Trinity Church-St. David School.
Breakfast in a Cookie - The introduction to these glossy, packed-with-goodies cookies reads: "Wakeup feettofloor grabcookie outthedoor. PS - don't forget shoes."
Cinnamon Munchie Mix - This is another favourite from the Morning Munchers Breakfast Program at Mildmay Carrick Public School.
Jiggly Jelly Banana Orange Salad - This is an orange and banana variation of Vicki's jellied fruit salad. Vicki goes to Uptergrove Public School, and this recipe came from the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network.
Snickerdoodle French Toast - Michael Wall from Notre Dame School serves this french toast with butter and maple syrup. The recipe was submitted to the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network.
Swiss Muesli - Making your own muesli or granola is a great way of adding fibre to your child's diet. It's especially delicious when it's sprinkled over a favourite fruit yogurt.


20-Minute Chicken Chili - Pack some leftovers separately with a whole wheat flour tortilla for your child to stuff and roll up into a chicken chili burrito.
Apple and Ham Salad - Use your child's favourite kind of apple for this salad, which also works well between two slices of bread.
Baked Bunwiches - Whether eaten rewarmed in the microwave at school or enjoyed cold, these sandwiches make a great lunch.
Baked Penne with Beef Zuchini and Fontina Cheese - Why send canned products when you can send your own homemade beef and pasta?
Baked Salsa Ham Roll-Ups - Children can get bored with ordinary sandwiches so switch things up a bit with tortillas, either white, whole wheat, spinach or tomato.
Beef and Bean Burrito Bake - High-fibre beans, meat and vegetables get all rolled up in a tortilla for a quick and nutritious lunch.
Black Bean Drumsticks - Serve this for dinner with Confetti Pepper Rice, but save two drumsticks for your child's lunch the next day.
Broccoli Tortellini Soup - Warm soothing soup is a perfect lunchbox idea for chilly fall and winter days, and it takes less than 15 minutes to make.
Button Mushroom Salad - If your child is a fan of mushrooms, try this salad for a different take on lunch.
Cheeseburger Pizza - Add some cheeseburger-inspired toppings, such as pickled hot peppers, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce to this pizza.
Chicken and Black Bean Burritos - Kids need an energizing lunch that will keep them full until they arrive home. These burritos are packed with chicken and high-fibre black beans.
Chicken and Stars - If you make extra chicken for supper, you or the kids can put this lunch soup together in just a few minutes, even first thing in the morning.
Chicken Chow Mein - Save some of this dinner for a delicious lunch to pack in a microwaveable container the next day.
Chicken Falafel with Tahini Sauce - Chicken is delicious either hot or cold, so save some for lunch the next day.

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Prepare foods your kids will love with these suggested recipes:

Chicken Fingers with Peanut Apricot Sauce - Serve with Crunchy Vegetable Sticks.
Chicken Pitas with Tahini Sauce - These pitas are a great way of using leftover chicken. When sending it for your child's lunch, package the pita, tomatoes, chicken and tahini sauce separately.
Chili Cheddar Burgers with Salsa - Keep a patty for lunch the next day. Your child can warm it up in the microwave to pop into a hamburger bun at school.
Creamy Herbed Noodles - Kids love creamy noodles, so this recipe couldn't be better. It only takes minutes to prepare in the morning to put into a heatproof container.
Creamy Penne and Peas - Here's a pasta to which you can add cubed smoked ham or chicken, or canned tuna or salmon.
Crunchy Carnival Coleslaw - Pack this playful salad in a sectioned container along with baby carrots, fruit chunks, crackers, cheese and cooked eggs.
Deli Chickpea Salad - Pack this hearty, tasty salad in a plastic container to eat by itself or use it as a filling for a whole wheat pita pocket that you've packed separately.
Eat-the-Bowl Rainbow Chili - When sending this for lunch, wrap the bread bowl separately. Warm the chili in the morning before packing in a vacuum bottle.
Grilled Chicken Potato Salad - Cook extra chicken and in the morning, cut it diagonally or chop and toss with the salad. Pita bread or crackers fill the lunch box deliciously.
Macaroni and Four Cheeses - Creamy and cheesy...what child doesn't love this classic? Make this recipe for dinner, replacing the Gruyere and gorgonzola with shredded old Cheddar cheese.
Mexican Black Bean and Tuna Salad in Pita Pockets - When packing this sandwich, put the tuna mixture in an airtight container and cut the pita in half.
Oatmeal Energy Bars - These are perfect to pack in your child's lunchbox or sports bag. Chewy and nutty, these bars will satisfy any sweet cravings.
Parmesan Chicken Strips with Tomato Dipping Sauce - Children will love helping you make these chicken strips, so make double to have enough to warm in the school's microwave the next day.
Peas and Parmesan Noodles - Most children love noodles and here we add just frozen peas and Parmesan cheese.
Perfectly Plump Pinwheel Roll-Ups - Aaron Pearce from the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network serves these roll-ups anticipating how guests will figure out how to make them.
Pizza Lover's Quesadillas - This is from Christopher from Uptergrove Public School and the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network.
Pizza Soup - Shredded mozzarella cheese for the top and a buttered whole grain roll are welcome and filling additions.
Pork Souvlaki - As well as a great family dinner, this is ideal for lunch. Make extra pork and for dinner, serve it with rice and Greek salad.
Pork, Corn and Black Bean Casserole - This family-pleasing dinner works equally well in your child's insulated lunchbox the next day.
Quick Cheese Biscuits - Wrap up two of these tasty biscuits to go with a vacuum bottle of hot soup. Or use them instead of bread for sandwiches.
Quick Homemade Tomato Soup - This takes only about 10 minutes to prepare and is a delicious way to enjoy tomatoes.
Quick Sausage Risotto - Serve with Romaine Pecan Salad.
Quick Tomato Baked Beans - Beans are a terrific idea for kids' lunches. Beans are low in fat and sodium and have fibre, protein, calcium, iron and folate.

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More lunch treats that are child-friendly:

Roasted Carrot Dip - A dip is a fun way of adding variety to the week of lunches. Add a few rice chips or potato chips and your child will think it's a party.
Saucy One-Pot Pasta and Beef Supper - Packed with beef, vegetables and pasta, this makes a hearty, nutritious dinner with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.
Sloppy Salsa Joes - This plain old favourite gets spiced up with south-of-the border flavour. Pack a kaiser bun or tortilla along with a spoon too.
Spicy Orange Baked Chicken Drumsticks and Vegetable and Rice Pilaf - This will probably become a family favourite, since it also works well cold in the lunch box.
Steak and Cheese Quesadillas - Quesadillas, warm or cold, make great lunches or snacks. You can cook these in the skillet as directed or bake them until crisp and golden.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Smoothies are the ultimate hearty no-cook wonder drink and kids love them. Use frozen fruit because it will keep the smoothie ice cold.
Stuffed Ham and Cheese Potatoes - In this recipe, potatoes cook quickly in the microwave and packaged shredded cheese and frozen corn are ready to use.
Ten-Minute Taco Salad - Who doesn't love tacos? Package the tortilla chips in a plastic bag and the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and cucumber in separate small containers.
Tuna and Bean Salad - Send along a whole wheat pita pocket and a spoon so your child can scoop this tasty salad into the pita.
Tuna Wrap - Tortillas are intriguing wraps instead of the ordinary sandwhich. Look for different flavours, such as spinach or tomato salsa for an added twist.
Tuna, White Bean and Pasta Salad with Basil - Your child will have fun building this salad and it won't become soggy while it waits in the fridge at school for lunchtime.
Turkey Burritos - Turkey and vegetables all rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla make this perfect for recharging your child's batteries at lunch.
Vegetable and Rice Pilaf - Kids love rice, so why not make this as a side dish for dinner and save some for your child's lunch the next day?
Vegetable Chow Mein Noodle Bake - Kids love noodles so double the recipe to have enough for lunches the next day. Add an apple and granola bar and lunch is ready!
Zingy Drumsticks - Send 2 or 3 cold drumsticks in a plastic container along with your child's favourite cut-up vegetables, some crackers or a granola bar.

Snacks and desserts:

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies - Randy McLaren from Harriet Todd Public School submitted these lacy oat snaps that you can serve as a treat.
Granola Bars - This recipe is a favourite of the Mildmay Carrick Public School Morning Munchers Breakfast Program.
Hiker's Happy Trail Mix - This is a great snack to throw in the lunchbox. It is also good sprinkled over yogurt in the morning or for the afternoon hunger pangs.
Microwave Chunky Cinnamon Applesauce - A delicious recipe both kids and adults can make together!
Semolina Dessert - Aiesha Aggarwal, a student at Couchiching Heights Public School, refers to this dessert as "delicious, divine and delectable."
Sunflower Seed Granola Bars - Granola bars make a great snack at any time. You can wrap and freeze them separately for up to one month to pop into lunches in the morning.
Super Apple Cake - The cake is delicious with vanilla frozen yogurt, and is still good the next day or even two days later.
Yogurt Pops  - "This is the perfect treat for hot summer days!" says recipe creator Heather Alaverdy. Pineapple juice concentrate and raspberry yogurt is a good flavour combo too.
Cheeseburger Pizza - Add some cheeseburger-inspired toppings, such as pickled hot peppers, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce to this pizza.

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65+ kid-friendly recipes