Chestnut recipes

Chestnut recipes



Chestnut recipes

Bacon Apple Stuffing with Chesnuts
This smoky, chestnut-studded stuffing is so moist you'd think it came from inside the turkey. If you like, remove the crusts from the bread.

Chestnut Tournedos on Hearty Autumn Greens
The tournedos, seasoned chestnut patties, are the specialty of chef de cuisine David Berggren.

Apple and Chestnut-Stuffed Roast Goose

Although turkey has far surpassed goose as Canada's favourite Christmas bird, goose is still the traditional roast for many people of Northern, Central and Eastern European descent.

Braised Chicken Pie with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Chestnuts
For variety you can replace the chicken with pork or veal. To use canned chestnuts instead of the fresh, add these already-cooked nuts when adding the mushroom mixture.

Chicken Braised with Chestnuts and Shiitake Mushrooms
Few Chinese banquets are without a fancy preparation of a whole chicken or duck. The rich chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms suit the New Year's table and represent fall and winter respectively. The carrot slices stand for gold coins that welcome the coming spring with riches, and the green bok choy reminds us of summer.

Chestnut Squash Risootto
This elegant yet earthy risotto serves six as a main course or eight as an appetizer. Add a sprinkle of truffle oil or Parmesan cheese for flair.

Scalloped Brussels Sprouts

Adding 1-1/2 cups chestnuts to this casserole makes it extra special.

Chocolate Chestnut Finger Cookies
Canned chestnut purée adds European chic to elegant finger cookies. If you want to freeze the fingers, do so before dipping them in chocolate.

Chestnut Cream Cake

A holiday winner, this light sponge cake is the perfect base for the nutty-flavoured cream.

Marroni Al Liquore
Italian-inspired Marroni al Liquore, or Chestnuts in Spirits, is two gifts in one: spoon the chestnuts over ice cream and enjoy the liqueur in coffee or as an after-dinner drink.

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Chestnut recipes