Homemade perogies

Homemade perogies

Potato Cheddar Perogies
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Homemade perogies

Canadians love perogies. We even have the world's largest perogie in Glendon, Alberta! And whether you know them as pyrogy, pierogi, or varenyky, these potato-based dumplings are a family favourite and staple in many Canadian homes.

Perogies trace their origins to Eastern Europe, where top perogie-eating nations include Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic countries. Made with simple ingredients easily found on your grocer's shelf, perogies are usually boiled, and sometimes fried or baked to finish.

Though each regional version of the perogie differs slightly in taste, texture, and cooking method, one thing's for certain: these delicious perogie recipes are sure to satisfy!

Potato cheddar perogies
The traditional (and indulgent) toppings of crispy crumbled bacon and sour cream really bring these perogies to life.

Cottage cheese perogies
These cottage cheese–filled dumplings are delicious topped with either sautéed onions or fresh fruit.

Mushroom sauerkraut perogies
These full-flavoured perogies need no adornments. Enjoy them plain or with sautéed onions.

Sweet potato perogies
Inspired by Italian squash ravioli, this nontraditional filling has a sweet, velvety flavour that is especially good when tossed with fresh sage leaves that have been fried in butter just until the butter turns brown.

Brisket perogies
This filling is the perfect way to use up leftover brisket. (Looking for a brisket recipe? View some of our favourites here.) Enjoy these perogies as boiled dumplings in soup for a satisfying meal.

Blueberry varenyky
Hold on to this dessert dumpling recipe until next summer when blueberries are in season. These varenyky are superb topped with sour cream or plain Balkan-style yogurt.

Savoury perogy dough
This easy-to-make dough is a base for many perogie recipes. Makes enough for 36 perogies.

Varenyky or sweet perogy dough
Using butter, this dough base is another option for cooking your perogies at home. Makes enough for 36 pieces.

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Homemade perogies