Top 10 Canadian Living game meat recipes

Top 10 Canadian Living game meat recipes



Top 10 Canadian Living game meat recipes

Air-Dried Bison with Roasted Beet and Pear Salad
Air-dried bison is a specialty product you can replace with air-dried beef, a Swiss item known as bundenfleisch. In a pinch, prosciutto provides a nice cured flavour.

Bison Burgers
These patties are equally delicious with half (or all) lean ground beef. Top with L'Ancienne Mustard and alfalfa sprouts.

Boar Rib Chops with Porcini Sauce
Boar chops are tasty, rich and demand a hearty sauce. In Switzerland, this is a common bistro dish, often served with rösti (fried potatoes and onion) or mashed potatoes.

Hunter-Style Venison Meatloaf
You can make this meatloaf with ground venison, moose, elk or bison. Red wine gives it a traditional rich and fruity flavour, while the gin adds a touch of juniper berry flavour and rounds out the spicing.

Mushroom Venison Ragout Sauce
All this fabulously rich sauce needs is a bed of broad noodles, such as pappardelle or fettuccine. This makes enough to tuck extra away in the freezer for another meal or to use when making lasagna.

Rabbit with Prunes in Wine Sauce
Rabbit has long been underrated on our side of the ocean — not so in Europe where rabbit is almost as popular as chicken. Marinated and stewed in wine with prunes, this Belgian dish may be the answer to an affordable but special dinner.

Rabbit with White Wine
Simple preparation for a light and elegant dinner.

Roast Bison or Venison with Red Wine and Onion Jus
Game meat is always leaner than domestic meat, so special care must be taken when roasting to prevent it from drying out. Larding it with bacon or pork fat is a traditional method, and it's important to never cook it past medium.

Spiced Rack of Venison with Apple Ginger Chutney
Simple Indian spicing perks up a luscious rack of venison, which is accompanied by apple chutney.

Venison Stew with Chinese Flavourings
This Chinese-style stew is wonderful served over noodles or rice.


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Top 10 Canadian Living game meat recipes