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Cooking basics: How to cook your favourite recipes

Cooking basics: How to cook your favourite recipes

Author: Canadian Living

Food Tips

Cooking basics: How to cook your favourite recipes

When asking your everyday Canadians what truly Canadian cooking consists of, you may be hard-pressed to find an answer beyond peameal bacon and the almighty poutine. Yes, even we have a difficult time articulating what makes Canadian cooking unique. The truth is, our cooking reflects our geography with a culinary history that is as vast as the country itself.

Canadian culinary traditions have been largely influenced by the forces of immigration, notes Canadian Living's Food Director Annabelle Waugh. While in the past Canadian food was dominated by cuisines from the British Isles and France, "our national cuisine is now inspired by hundreds of different countries around the world," she says.

For centuries, settlers in Canada have brought cooking traditions from their native countries, often adapting them to incorporate ingredients that are plentiful in the Canadian wild. The result is a uniquely diverse culinary landscape that takes advantage of the multitudes of berries and vegetables, wild game and fresh fish this country has to offer.

Today, Canadians across the country enjoy a diet that varies from region to region. Maritimers take advantage of the bounty of seafood offered on the East Coast, homes on the western plains are known to love their beef, and the Canadian north boasts a range of wild game like caribou, moose, and deer. Waugh believes that it is this mix of homeland tradition and unique landscape that makes Canadian cooking distinct and that this fusion "has become an integral part of the beautiful mosaic that makes up our nation's culinary culture."

Featuring flavours as varied as our national culture, learn to cook your favourites foods right here with our Canadian Living Tested-Till-Perfect recipes and step-by-step guides below.

Cooking Class: Vegetable Samosa recipe
Add some spice to your life with these step-by-step instructions on how to make savory samosas.

Cooking Class: Strawberry Shortcake
Learn the tricks to perfectly moist strawberry shortcake with this recipe featuring helpful photographs with each instruction

Cooking Class: Garlicky Prime Rib
Let the delectable aroma of this prime rib waft through your house to really get mouths watering for dinner. Our Test Kitchen shows you how to get it perfect every time.

Cooking Class: Two classic Italian pasta recipes
Forget the tired ol' spaghetti and meatball routine and refresh your pasta portfolio with these Italian favourites.

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More of Canada's favourite recipes:

Cooking Class: Party Sandwiches
Impress your guests with these 6 elegant party sandwiches that wont be overlooked.

Cooking Class: Butter Chicken
With tender, juicy chicken coated in a creamy butter sauce, it no wonder this meal from the Indian tradition has become a popular restaurant dish in Canada. And now the Canadian Living Test Kitchen is bringing it into your home with this how-to guide.

Cooking Class: Butterflied Leg of Lamb
Master the art of butterflying a leg of lamb with these easy to follow instructions. Also available with images!

Cooking Class: Boeuf Bourguignon
Bring a European flavour into your kitchen with this how-to guide. Our Test Kitchen gives you the tools to take on this French classic.

Cooking Class: Mexican Tamales
A fun meal that is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Mexican Tamales are made simple with this fool-proof recipe.

Cooking Class: Crab Sui Mai
Pleasing to both the eye and the palette these Chinese appetizers are as beautiful as they are delicious. They've been perfected here so go ahead and enjoy them with a glass of chilled white wine.

Cooking Class: Chocolate Raspberry Mirror Mousse Cake
The unparralled decadence of this creamy mousse cake will have your guests begging for more. And with these steps you'll have no problem pulling off a repeat performance.

Cooking Class: Frozen Mango Mousse in Coconut Tuiles
This smooth velvety mousse in combination with the fresh invigorating flavour of mango will unavoidably ruin all other desserts for you. Consider yourself warned and go indulge with these simple instructions.

Cooking Class: Salmon Mushroom Coulibiac
Melt-in-your-mouth salmon wrapped in a warm flaky pastry served with a rich sour cream dill sauce? Yes please! Find out how to bring this dish to life in this guide.

Cooking Class: Four wedding cakes
Choose the cake that suits your style. From luscious dark chocolate, to bright almond lemon there is a cake here to perfectly compliment the flavour of your big day.

Cooking Class: Lebanese baklawa
This sweet treat has its roots in the Middle East and contains a combination of pistachios, rose water and orange blosson water that will tickle your tastebuds. Find out for yourself with these steps.

Cooking Class: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie recipe
Spread the word! The classic strawberryy rhubarb pie can finally be enjoyed guilt-free! Just use this recipe that features a pie crust with zero trans-fat. So go ahead and savor the experience of each delicious bite.

Cooking Class: Chocolate Banana Cake
Chocolate and banana. A match made in Heaven. And everyone you serve this divine cake to is sure to be singing its praises as well. See for yourself with this recipe.

Cooking Class: Mediterranean Seafood Soup with Rouille
Crammed full of all your favourite seafoods this soup finds a perfect balance with a light broth. Try it tonight to sooth the winter chills with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Cooking Class: Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
Nothing quite compares to the smell of homemade bread wafting from the oven. Now our Test Kitchen is bringing the pleasures of baking and the pleasures of sourdough to you in this fully photographed step-by-step guide.

Cooking Class: Chocolate Soufflé
Producing the perfect souffle can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned home cooks. But no longer for you. Armed with these easy-to-follow instructions your souffle will rise to the occasion every time.

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Food Tips

Cooking basics: How to cook your favourite recipes