Breakfast in bed for Mom

Breakfast in bed for Mom

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Breakfast in bed for Mom

It doesn't take a lot of effort to show Mom you care. Letting her sleep in on Mother's Day may be enough to show her how much she's appreciated. Treat her to a pretty tray of goodies for breakfast when she wakes up, and you'll be in her good books all day long. Our downloadable checklist for a Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed to stick on the fridge (seen below) makes it easy to assemble everything you need for a special breakfast, and it's also a great reminder in case someone in your house needs to treat Mom right!   

Breakfast tray
A tray is essential. If you can't find one -- a basket, a large platter or a shallow box lined with a couple of cloth napkins will work in a pinch.

Napkin roll
Hunt around for the nice cloth dinner napkins that get dug out for holiday dinners. Roll up a knife fork and spoon and place the napkin roll on the breakfast tray. The finery will tell mom she is special and keep the crumbs from landing under the covers.

Orange juice
Not-from-concentrate orange juice has a shorter shelf life but a fresher flavour. To really show Mom she is special, make your own fresh-squeezed juice. Thin-skinned oranges such as Valencias are the best for juicing -- they have thin membranes, more juice and less pulp. An electric juicer makes easy work of the juice but for a glass or two, an old-fashioned hand juicer found in most grocery stores will work just fine.

Don't forget the coffee! Mom is going to want a hot cup to wake her for her special breakfast. Set up the coffee maker the night before and flip the switch first thing in the morning while you prepare the rest of Mom’s breakfast. Serve her coffee the way she likes it, or include milk and sugar on the breakfast tray if you don't know what she puts in her coffee.


This is just an assembly job. If you know Mom's favourite breakfast, serve it up. If you don't know what she likes, keep it simple. Toast and jam, some fresh fruit and some yogurt will keep her happy. The trick is to make the breakfast look pretty and nice, and to include everything she’ll need as she dines. If you do want to go the extra mile, we have breakfast recipes that will win rave reviews from Mom. Check out our fabulous breakfast recipes: 5 diner-style breakfasts.

Have some light reading on hand -- Mom probably doesn’t often get time all to herself.


Include a small vase or juice glass with a fresh flower. If there isn't room on the tray for a vase, lay a fresh flower down on the tray between the plates.

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Breakfast in bed for Mom