Casseroles fit for company

Casseroles fit for company

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Casseroles fit for company

Casseroles and other culinary cousins are delicious and easy make-ahead entrées to refrigerate or freeze. Then all you need to add is a salad and crusty bread for a relaxing evening out of the kitchen with family, friends or neighbours.

Try one of these prep-ahead mains that guarantees easygoing holiday get-togethers:

Meatball Lasagna
The ingredient list may look long, but the techniques are straightforward and the results well worth the effort.

Baked Gnocchi in Tomato Gorgonzola Sauce
Casseroles need not be an all-day affair to make and bake. Here's a quick one for any busy night.

Sausage Cabbage Rolls
Sausage and cheese roll up together in cabbage leaves for a tasty twist on an old favourite.

Chicken Enchiladas
This rolled-tortilla casserole comes together deliciously with easy-to-find ingredients from the supermarket.

Eggplant and Pasta Charlotte
Thin slices of eggplant form the covering for this robust baked pasta from our new book, Canadian Living Cooks (Random House, 2003), which features a collection of favourite recipes.

Leek and Potato Flan (As seen in image, above)
This quiche-style dish is rich with potatoes, cheese and pancetta – perfect for a light lunch or dinner.

Pork Tenderloin Risotto Bake
Medallions of pork bake on creamy risotto. This risotto method cuts both the usual cooking and stirring times.

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Casseroles fit for company