Easter menus, crafts, and Passover entertaining made easy

Easter menus, crafts, and Passover entertaining made easy

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Easter menus, crafts, and Passover entertaining made easy

Spring has sprung and the beautiful weather and budding trees signal it's time to gather with friends and family. Easter and Passover holidays offer perfect occasions to have company over, enjoy a homecooked meal and keep kids happy with some fun and easy crafts.

Whether you're feeding a party of eight or hosting an intimate gathering for a few friends, our inspiring brunch, dinner and dessert recipes will help your plan come together in a snap. With our Tested-Till-Perfect recipes, you know whatever you make will be sure to please even your toughest critic -- yourself.

And what big meal is complete without a show-stopping dessert? We've pulled together our best sure-to-please dessert recipes: Angel Food Cake With Lemon Curd and Mascarpone Cream, Matzo Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch, and Easter Egg Cookies that little hands won't be able to resist.

If you're feeling creative, there's no shortage of adorable Easter crafts to make with your children, nieces and nephews. Who wouldn't love to sew up a quick tote for stashing sweet treats in, or make and display a colourful paper Easter egg? Tip: Get kids of all ages involved and decorate your holiday table with your creations.

Easy and elegant menus
Easter brunch for 8
Put flavours of the sunny south on your holiday table with Cheddar Chive Biscuits, Ham Hock Hash and our Creamy Lemon Meringue Pie.

Italian Easter brunch menu for 8
Italian spring recipes for a beautiful Easter brunch featuring Sweet Ricotta Crostata, Italian Easter Soup and delicious Ricotta Cookies.

Make-ahead Easter menu for 6
Enjoy this delicious, make-ahead menu of Easter recipes at midday or in the evening.

 Elegant Easter dinner menu for 8
Celebrate Easter with these five Easter dinner recipes, light and lively with the flavours of spring.

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Leisurely Easter dinner
Don't turn Easter into a culinary crisis. These simple recipes ensure a special gathering with minimal fuss for host, family and friends.

What's for Easter dinner? We've assembled our favourite Easter entrees to help you decide
Whether your family prefers lamb, ham, veal or turkey, our Tested-Till-Perfect recipes will make for a memorable Easter feast.

5 Passover menus
Five popular Passover main dishes get a scrumptious modern update.


Easy Passover seder recipes
Prepare a simple yet elegant Passover meal with these Tested Till Perfect recipes for Passover seder.

Sweet treats
Angel Food Cake With Lemon Curd and Mascarpone Cream
This classic cake is a sweet ending to a lovely dinner any time of year. If you like, garnish it with curls of lemon rind. A citrus zester with a channel cutter makes this easy. To serve, cut it with a serrated knife.

Easter Egg Hunt Cake
Celebrate Easter with a feathery angel cake with lots of surprises. If you like, add little chicks, rabbits and toy figures.

Easter Egg Cookies
Glaze these with pastel colours or pipe names on them to use as place cards. Cream of tartar makes these cookies crisp, while the icing sugar makes them tender.

Greek Easter Bread
Tsoureki, a traditional Greek sweet bread with dyed red eggs nestled on top, breaks the fast of Lent and symbolizes the rebirth and blood of Christ. Rich in eggs and butter, it's sprinkled with almonds or sesame seeds and flavoured with orange, vanilla, allspice or mahleb, a sweet cherry spice. These breads are often saved for wall decorations. The eggs are coloured with dye found in Greek bakeries.

4 mouthwatering Passover desserts
Passover is a time of tradition and unity, and what better way to bring the family together than with sweet treats after your Passover seder? With these easy-to-follow Passover dessert recipes, you'll be able to pick from a variety of mouthwatering, kosher desserts to make for your friends and family.

Cute crafts

Celebrate Easter with cheerful crafts
Bring the bright colours of spring inside this year with our collection of Easter egg decorations. Beginners and kids will love our egg-dying basics and digital craft ideas, while experienced crafters won't want to miss trying the intricate designs of Pysanka eggs. Plus find dress-up ideas for kids and Easter-themed play mats for tots.

Easter craft: Paper Easter eggs
Fun and easy crafts are always a great way to get excited for Easter. Get the whole family together to make these vibrant paper Easter eggs.

Easter craft: Tiny Easter bag
Your kids can store their Easter treats in this little Easter bag.

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Easter menus, crafts, and Passover entertaining made easy