Halloween menus and party ideas

Halloween menus and party ideas

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Halloween menus and party ideas

Halloween menus for kids and adults
Happy Halloween menu
No-bake treats, gruesome dip and ghostly cupcakes make up this menu of nibbles.

Creepy and Delicious
A four-course feast of worms, steamed brains and coffin cake for dessert.

A Ghostly, Ghastly Party Menu
An adult-themed menu, complete with ghastly drinks, and diabolical (yet delectable) snacks.

Spooky Bites: Cocktail nibbles for 12
Including tabletop and decor ideas, these terrifying tidbits and frighteningly good mouthfuls make the perfect formula for a Halloween cocktail party.

The Witch's Kitchen: A children's menu for 10
Spellbinding recipes for Shrunken Head Punch, Curly Hotdog Snakes and Broomstick Cookies will tempt your little goblins for a terrifyingly tasty Halloween bash.

Halloween Dinner for 8
Eyeball croutons and Chocolate Orange Spiderweb Pie are the scary stars of this four-course adult dinner.

Halloween party ideas

How to host a 1920s speakeasy party
Nothing spells fun like the roaring '20s! Recreate a Speakeasy party in your own home.

Cocktails and ideas for an adult Halloween party
Stir up some spooky fun with Hallow-tini’s for grownups. Includes laid-back entertaining ideas for adults waiting for trick-or-treaters to return home.

Halloween parties to scream for
Age-appropriate alternatives to the traditional neighbourhood trick-or-treating.


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Halloween menus and party ideas