How to display pretty cupcakes

How to display pretty cupcakes

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How to display pretty cupcakes

Does anything make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle more than a beautiful display of cupcakes? No, we didn't think so. The way you display your cupcakes is almost as important as how they taste -- so if you want to impress friends and family members, get some inspiration from these beautiful display ideas.

1. Arrange by colour

Choose a variety of colours of icing to decorate your cupcakes with. Arrange the cupcakes in rows sorted by colour to create a beautiful, rainbow-like display.

2. Use a cupcake tower

Forget traditional birthday cakes! A cupcake tower is an impressive way to display cupcakes, and everyone will be delighted to choose their own cupcake. You can arrange them by placing one flavour per tier or mix them all up. It's up to you!

3. Accent with flowers

Cupcakes and flowers pair perfectly together. A single cupcake presented with a pretty single stem or bouquet is a lovely and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

4. Use around-the-house utensils

We love the idea of displaying your cupcakes on the back of a large wooden spoon. It's a simple idea that will add a touch of rustic elegance to your cupcake display.

5. Pretty tablecloth

Find a pretty patterned tablecloth and arrange your cupcakes neatly upon it. Choose your tablecloth colour based on the colour of your cupcakes. A gingham or damask pattern will look lovely.

6. Use small saucers

Small saucers can hold three to four cupcakes each. Instead of trying to squeeze all your cupcakes onto one big platter, spread numerous small saucers across the table, each holding a handful of cupcakes. For a pretty look, use vintage china plates that you can find at flea markets.

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Natalie Bahadur is the senior editor of styleathome.com and a contributor to canadianliving.com.


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How to display pretty cupcakes