Party in pink! How to host a Cook for the Cure cocktail party

Party in pink! How to host a Cook for the Cure cocktail party

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Party in pink! How to host a Cook for the Cure cocktail party

What's the best way to make your party menu a real standout? A theme, of course, and it's most effective when it appears in the décor and menu. Our Cook for the Cure cocktail party offers clear inspiration with a pink one! The trick is to do it with subtlety and imagination. Resist the urge to paint the town pink; pass on the pink crêpe paper streamers and ban the pink food colouring. Be inspired by the naturally occurring colours in foods and libations.

Pink cocktail ideas
Cocktails are an easy place to start; set up the bar with wine and beer and have a pink cocktail -- a Classic Cosmopolitan, a Watermelon Martini or a Pink Greyhound -- ready to serve to your guests.

Pink wines
Or keep it simple and elegant with a sparkling rosé wine like the Ontario-produced Cuvee Catharine from Henry or Pelham, or a rosé wine like Quails' Gate from BC or Bajoz Rosada Toro from Spain.

Pink appetizeres and serving ideas
Suggest your rosy-hued theme with your menu selections. Gin Cured Gravalax served with small slices of dense black bread, sliced radishes and fresh chives makes a stunning centrepiece for your buffet table. Or wrap it around fresh salad greens for a pretty individual presentation.

Feature Sun-dried Tomato Dip or pale pink Herbed Crab Dip with a selection of green vegetables to set off the colour; Belgian endive spears, sliced cucumber rounds, lightly blanched asparagus or sugar snap peas are all pretty and tasty crudités.

Medium-rare sliced roast beef on a baguette crouton with a smear of corally pink chipotlé mayonnaise and a sprig of watercress is a simple appetizer to assemble. Savoury-sweet Potato Latkes with Pink Applesauce will please vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Consider ordering a sushi platter with pink selections; salmon, tuna, shrimp, pickled turnip rolls, salmon roe maki, with a picked ginger garnish will make a impression with their varying pink tones.

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Tabletop and decor ideas
Rummage through your cupboards and set off your blushing buffet with pink serving pieces. If your theme colour is a scarcity in your cupboards, white or silver will provide a neutral backdrop and work well with any pink pieces you have.

Use your imagination and look to items around the house as vessels to serve food -- wide-mouthed vases can be used for Spiced Nuts on your bar for example.

Nestle tea lights into a small pile of sand or pink peppercorns poured into small bowls or votives. Flowers are a natural for a pink theme, since there are so many varieties in every hue imaginable; pink roses, peonies, snapdragons or tulips come in many shades to complement your décor.

Entertaining ideas
Make sure to entertain your guests -- it is a fundraising event, after all, and you want them to open their wallets. Get them in the right frame of mind when you send out your invitations; a Pink Ribbon makes it clear you are fundraising. Suggest a donation on your invitation or let your guests know that you will be having a silent auction, roulette wheel or 50/50 draw so they'll be prepared to donate. Roulette wheels and other casino supplies can be rented at your local party rental company. Make all of the proceeds from your fundraising go to charity and have prizes for the top winners such as a bottle of champagne, a gift certificate, or a donation from a friend or local business for a gift or service.

Pink Ribbon Cookies - a great thankyou!
Thank your guests for coming with a party favour to take home. Pink Ribbon Cookies are a cute and delicious treat for your guests. The cutters for these cookies can be purchased online and they can be coloured to suit any "ribbon" themed charity. Have a basket of them wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon on your buffet or at the front door for your guests to pick up on their way out.

Finally, slip into your pink sandals or roll up your pink sleeves and enjoy yourself for doing good!

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Party in pink! How to host a Cook for the Cure cocktail party