Passover recipes and menus for a perfect celebration

Passover recipes and menus for a perfect celebration


Passover recipes and menus for a perfect celebration

We help you plan a perfect Passover with delicious menu ideas, yummy Passover recipes and mouthwatering desserts that will leave your guests begging for more.

Planning a delicious Passover meal has never been easier. Our most popular Passover recipes and menus will help you organize one of your best Passover celebrations yet.

And in case you missed it in the April 2013 issue, the newest recipe addition to our Passover desserts collection is for decadent little Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes. They're really easy to make, and we guarantee they'll impress your guests.

Chicken Braised With Dried Fruit, Garlic and Olives
Warm spices and a sweet-and-sour sauce intensify the flavour of chicken.

Salmon en Papillote With Root Vegetables
You can wrap the vegetables with the salmon early in the day, then drizzle with the wine mixture just before baking. Place the package on a long platter and open it at the table to tempt your guests with a wave of herbal aromas.

Rib Roast With Garlic Horseradish Crust
This piquant coating penetrates the beef, adding incredible flavour. You can use prepared horseradish or purchase a small piece of fresh horseradish root from the market.

Boneless Turkey Breast Rolls
These elegant spirals of white meat with a watercress filling are a reputation-making entree. Single turkey breasts are more commonly available than whole breasts; they also roll more easily and cook more quickly.


Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes
Decadent little chocolate cakes with rich molten cores are enough to make any meal special. The batter for this dessert can be prepared ahead, but the cakes are best eaten immediately after baking, so don't put them into the oven until your guests are ready for dessert.

Coconut Macaroons
Macaroons — coconut, chocolate or almond — are a Passover tradition and appear at the end of the Seder with coffee and tea.

Passover Chocolate Mousse Cake
This layered chocolate cake can be made especially for Passover with potato flour. Garnish with red currants, red or golden raspberries, quartered strawberries or cape gooseberries.

Passover Chocolate Cake With Brandied Fruit
Prunes and raisins cooked in brandy add flavour and moisture to this dark, dense and delicious pareve (nondairy) Passover dessert.

Passover Sunshine Cake
Sunshine cake, really angel food cake made with whole eggs, is relatively obscure despite being around for more than a century. However, with its light moist texture, golden colour and citrus flavour, it makes an ideal Passover dessert using kosher-for-Passover ingredients

Apple Nut Passover Cake
This layered apple and nut cake is perfect for Passover.


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Passover recipes and menus for a perfect celebration