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5 Cooking Tips From Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs

5 Cooking Tips From Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs

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Food Tips

5 Cooking Tips From Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs

Learn from the best in the cooking world.

Sometimes, the most genius life hacks seem so obvious we're surprised we haven't thought of them ourselves.

Celebrity chefs have so much experience under their belts that they seem to have it all figured out.

Luckily, we found some of their secrets for making the most of your time in the kitchen. Here are five celeb-approved cooking tips:

David Chang: Don't get rid of your microwave


The microwave's reputation has taken a hit in recent years. The appliance is considered to be a quick and unhealthy fix; but chef David Chang disagrees. In terms of cleaning and speed, there's really nothing that beats it. For the best microwave hack, use it next time you're making mashed potatoes.

Lorena Garcia: Peel garlic faster


Speaking of microwaves, Lorena Garcia recommends throwing whole, unpeeled garlic cloves into the microwave for 10 seconds. This makes the peels slip right off and removes the harsh flavours of the garlic, which is great for recipes that require it to be uncooked, like salads and dressings.

Gordon Ramsay: Add heat


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay keeps a few fresh chilis in the freezer to grate into recipes whenever they require a little (or a lot of) heat. Freezing them makes the grating process easier.

Kardea Brown: Extend the life of your cast-iron skillet


Kardea Brown recommends washing your cast-iron skillet without soap in order to increase its life span. Simply add a few cups of water to your skillet and let it boil for about 15 minutes; the debris will slip right off.

Duff Goldman: Sweet and salty


Put salt in everything; even your pastries. Adding salt to your sweet recipes adds balance and brings out their flavour.





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Food Tips

5 Cooking Tips From Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs