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Canadian Living Recipe Assumptions

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Canadian Living Recipe Assumptions

Before cooking with Canadian Living recipes, it's essential to know our assumptions. For example, although the size of egg is not specified, we use large eggs. While this may not make much difference in a chocolate chip cookie, it will certainly have an impact for a soufflé in which the difference between a large egg and an extra-large or medium one is substantial.

• Read the entire recipe, checking to make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment.

• Prepare and measure ingredients before starting to bake or cook.

• Because temperatures of ovens and burners differ slightly, we often provide a range in cooking times. Always check for doneness at the first specified time or before.

• For stock, use canned broth, with a one to one water ratio, or use good-quality powdered stock. You can reduce the ratio of condensed or powdered stock to water to avoid oversalting a dish.

• Use regular table salt and freshly ground pepper.

• Lemon and lime juices are always freshly squeezed.

• Unless otherwise specified, fruits and vegetables are medium in size, washed and peeled, seeded, pitted or hulled as necessary.

• Eggs are large. Let come to room temperature before using for any baking recipe.

• Butter is salted, unless specified otherwise.

• The oven is preheated.

• Milk and yogurt are 2%.

• Bake or roast in the centre of the oven, unless specified otherwise.

• Cook foods uncovered unless specified otherwise.

• If a choice of ingredient is offered (for example, fresh coriander or parsley), the first is preferred but the second offers a reasonable alternative. The taste will not always be the same.


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Food Tips

Canadian Living Recipe Assumptions