Food Tips

CL's favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants across Canada

CL's favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants across Canada

Food Tips

CL's favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants across Canada

Looking for the tastiest vegetarian or vegan meal in your city? Look no further. We've rounded up some of our favourite plant-based restaurants from coast to coast that won't disappoint. 

Years ago, avoiding meat and dairy when dining out was near impossible—and even when it was possible, the options were limited and often not so appealing (we see you, sad piece of tofu!).

Now, with more people looking for vegetarian and vegan options, plant-based restaurants have sprouted across the country, offering dishes that are arguably even better than their meat counterpart. 

Here, we're rounding up 14 of our favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants across Canada that even rigid carnivores will rave about.



Located in South Granville, this Instagram-friendly restaurant uses locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Everything on their expansive brunch and dinner menu is vegetarian, with the option to make it vegan.

Unleash your inner hipster and dine at this quaint vegan joint. Choose from a list of mouth-watering burgers, hearty salads and bowls. Not sure where to start? Their sweet-chili cauliflower is a top-rated dish!

The Acorn
This award-winning restaurant pairs a vegetarian menu with a fine-dining experience. Their dishes—which are made from ingredients sourced from B.C.—are as beautiful as they are delicious.




Looking for some variety in your plant-based diet? This restaurant is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine—it's the perfect spot for some vegetarian-friendly comfort food.



The Dandelion
This plant-based comfort food café has only been open for a few months, and it's already earned rave reviews. In an effort to be as zero waste as possible, customers wanting to take home leftovers are required to bring their own containers from home as they don't carry take-out boxes.



Circle Kitchen
Since opening its doors in July 2018, this kitchen and café has quickly become a go-to spot in the city for a quick and delicious meal. On offer? A selection of tasty salads, bowls and baked goods that will leave you wanting to come back for more. 



With multiple locations across the city (their most recent location opened up near Union Station) and an expansive menu of delicious tacos, smoothies, juices and bowls, Fresh is a go-to eatery for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. 

The open, airy atmosphere, complete with banana leaf wallpaper and swings, at this plant-based resto in the heart of Yorkville will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation. Plus, the menu will make your mouth-water with items such as watermelon poke and cauliflower tots.

Whoever said Mexican cuisine can't be made vegetarian? The tacos, tostadas, ceviche and other zesty dishes at this plant-based restaurant prove otherwise. 




Love hummus? You need to check out this spot. It's Ottawa's first falafel and hummus eatery and every item on the menu is vegan-friendly.



Lola Rosa
Famous for their nachos, hemp burger and brownie, this vegetarian joint is a must-try if you're in Montreal. Fun fact: While waiting for your meal, open the drawer of your table to discover napkins with hand-written notes, poems, sketches and more for endless entertainment.

If the open and airy space doesn't draw you into this restaurant, the upscale menu offerings, the vast majority of which are vegan, definitely will. 



This entirely vegan restaurant uses plant-based ingredients to create items like bacon, cheddar cheese and wings that taste just as good, if not better, than the real deal.



Peaceful Loft
Experience great flavours, a welcoming atmosphere and excellent service at this Chinese restaurant. It's a must-visit if you're from, or visiting, St. John's.





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Food Tips

CL's favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants across Canada