Food Tips

Eat Vegan, Effortlessly!

Eat Vegan, Effortlessly!

Image Courtesy of Nestlé Canada

Food Tips

Eat Vegan, Effortlessly!

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of changing your entire diet? Don't be! There are many new opportunities for flavour—and fun—when it comes to plant-based alternatives.

Looking for sources of joy in our daily living is something we can all relate to. So taking a mindful moment and enjoying the small, everyday indulgences with our loved ones at home is one of the simplest ways. And what’s more delightful than delicious ice cream?

But as food trends evolve and our knowledge around eating more plant-based food expands, we’ve learned that eating more plant-based foods may be better for our overall health (and easier on the pocketbook, which is important during these hard times). And what’s more, is that vegan food has evolved in many ways to be flavourful, exciting and accessible.

Say hello to Nestlé Vegan Drumstick. You will be delighted to know that the iconic brand has evolved and is now launching the first and only vegan, plant-based and non-dairy cone in Canada. Talk about a game-changer!

Nestlé Vegan Drumstick is produced locally in London, Ontario, so you can feel proud about supporting your fellow Canadians by purchasing and indulging in this delicious and affordable Vegan Certified treat. And you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on other sweet and cool summery treats (although, we recommend indulging in this treat year-round). These non-dairy sweets are free of artificial colours and available in two flavours: Vanilla Chocolate Swirl and Caramel.



Image Courtesy of Nestlé Canada


What are some other ways to make effortless vegan swaps in your favourite recipes? Here’s how:


1. Consider Texture

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about non-vegan food is the texture—a stretchy cheese, a creamy soup, a milky ice cream cone that melts as soon as the sun hits it. But there are plenty of different ways to mimic this texture. For example, you can work with nuts to blend and grind down to provide a sprinkle that is similar to a hard grated cheese. You can create ‘creams’ from nuts, like cashews, to help thicken soups. And there are many different ways to create your own milk alternatives that taste just as delicious as the dairy versions. All you need is a cheesecloth, a mason jar, a high-quality blender and some patience!



2. Balance Flavour

There’s a common misconception that vegan food is flavourless, but that’s far from the truth. If you get creative with fresh herbs, spices and vegetables, you can bring any dish to life—whether vegan or not! Aside from the standard salt and pepper seasoning, think of different ways you can increase the flavour with the base of your vegan dish, whether it’s toasted basmati rice and black beans or chickpeas swirled in curry coconut milk. Fresh torn herbs like cilantro, rosemary, parsley and dill add excitement and freshness, while citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges add sparkle and colour to your dish, with little effort or prep required.


3. Think about adding, not subtracting

Just the thought of prepping vegan food can be really intimidating, whether you’re trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables or accommodating a friend. The immediate mindset is often that you need to remove a bunch of elements from the dish. But if you flip it around and think about building, instead of removing, it becomes a little more manageable. Start by getting creative with a vegetable spiralizer, and creating a dish of vegan bolognese by prepping lots of vegetables, from mushrooms, carrots, onions and garlic. You can add bulk to the dish by adding in spiralized zucchini in addition to the noodles, in order to create a weightier texture that you would get from adding ground beef or pork to the dish. And mushrooms are the secret weapon when it comes to a chewy, meat-like texture. Even Grandma might be surprised!


4. Have fun and experiment!

Just like learning a new skill, you might not perfect the vegan recipe on the first try. That’s OK—give it another spin. So many non-dairy and meatless recipes evolve depending on the individual’s preference for different spices, flavours and tastes. There are so many secrets of vegan cooking! Most beans can be substituted with one another. Tempeh and tofu can evolve tremendously in flavour depending on how they are seasoned and cooked. Jackfruit can fool even the biggest pork lover in your family. And with grains, go beyond pasta—get creative with couscous, bulgar, millet and quinoa to get the comfort of carbs with the satiety of meat-based meals. Pile the fresh vegetables to fill up on fibre and you’re set.


When it comes to vegan food, it’s easy to get in the mindset that it’s not as tasty as non-vegan. But the times have changed so dramatically, and the options are just as delicious (and in some cases, more) than their traditional counterparts, and you can feel better about making a more sustainable choice for the planet. The Nestlé Vegan Drumstick is an effortless swap that is available at grocery stores nationwide—and the only hard decision you’ll have to make is whether to try Caramel or Vanilla Chocolate Swirl first!


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Food Tips

Eat Vegan, Effortlessly!