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Food news: Kraft Dinner gets a new name and more men drink rose

Food news: Kraft Dinner gets a new name and more men drink rose

Image courtesy of KD Image by: Image courtesy of KD Author: Canadian Living

Food Tips

Food news: Kraft Dinner gets a new name and more men drink rose

Canadians favourite mac 'n' cheese brand is changing its iconic name from Kraft Dinner to its more youthful nickname: KD. The new, shorter name is meant to remind Canadians of the love they had for the cheesy staple as kids.

"What we learned from consumers is that they still love KD, but it's not as top of mind as it once was," KD's brand director Kristen Eyre told the Globe and Mail. "They feel they've outgrown it either emotionally or functionally.”

On top of the new name, the iconic Canadian dish will be free of artificial preservatives and synthetic colours next year. (CBC)

Oyster warning
British Columbia's unusually sunny summer is causing problems for oyster lovers across the country. More than 30 people have reported shellfish related illnesses in June and July after consuming raw oysters in restaurants. Warmer ocean temperatures in B.C. mean a higher concentration of the naturally-occurring Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria which can be found in oysters and can cause symptoms including nausea and fever. Slurp with caution this year. (CBC)

All-day breakfast delay

Sorry fellow Canadians, you won't be munching on an Egg McMuffin past 11 a.m. anytime soon. McDonald's announced that all-day breakfast could be coming to the golden arches as soon as October, but so far there are no plans to extend the courtesy to its northern neighbours. (CTV)

Know when your favourite restaurant is too busy
Don't want to wait for a table at your favourite restaurant? Google is here to help. They've developed a new feature that uses crowdsourced data from Google Maps to show users when their favourite spots are buzzing with people. (Fastcompany)

Almond milk claim
Ever wonder how much of your almond milk is really made of almonds? About 2 per cent according to a false advertising claim launched earlier this month. You can always try making a homemade batch. (Huffington Post).

Picky eaters could be more anxious
It turns out that having a picky eater in the family may be more trouble than a draw-out dinner. A study in Pediatrics published earlier this week says that extreme pickiness towards food as a child could be an indicator of future troubles with anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional problems. (Munchies)

Sea-life eating more plastic
The diet of tiny marine organisms is causing major concern since a new study revealed that these creatures are consuming the plastic we toss in the oceans. Zooplankton are mistaking plastics such as nylon and polyester for food - which is worrisome because these little beings are eaten by much of the seafood we humans consume. (Vice)

More men sipping rose
Move over beer, real men drink rose. The #brosé phenomenon started earlier this summer in England when men were reportedly choosing the bubbly pink beverage over brewskies. Men “drinking pink” has since swept North America (including Canada) by storm. (The Guardian


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Food Tips

Food news: Kraft Dinner gets a new name and more men drink rose