Food Tips

Holiday baking tips from the Test Kitchen

Holiday baking tips from the Test Kitchen

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Food Tips

Holiday baking tips from the Test Kitchen

1. Test Kitchen crush
We love using paste food colouring in our Test Kitchen because it's an easy way to add vibrant colour to doughs and icings without diluting them. If you're worried you'll stain your hands, you can always wear disposable gloves. — Irene Fong, Senior Food Specialist

2. On a roll

If your cookie dough is a little tacky to the touch, try rolling it out between two pieces of parchment paper to keep the dough from sticking to your rolling pin and work surface. — Jennifer Bartoli, Food Specialist

3. Double duty

I like cookie doughs that offer lots of bang for your buck. I'll make a double batch of shortbread dough, then use half for cookies and half for the base of an easy bar. It cuts down on total time in the kitchen. — Annabelle Waugh, Food Director

4. Thick and thin

To measure the thickness of rolled-out cookie dough, mark the measurement along the length of a toothpick. Prick the dough in several places to ensure that your dough isn't too thick. –– Amanda Barnier, Food Specialist

5. Mixed bag

I love to use a coupler when I'm icing a variety of holiday cookies; it allows me to easily switch my piping tip—from plain to star, or large to small—without having to fill a second piping bag. — Irene Fong

6. Eggcellent advice

"When creating your favourite holiday baked goods with fresh, local high quality eggs, you will get better results if your eggs are at room temperature. The whites and yolks will combine more easily when whisked. This means that the eggs will dissolve more evenly into the batter and your cakes will be light and fluffy," says Chef Lynn Crawford. "Egg Farmers of Canada recommends allowing your eggs to come to room temperature in just over an hour, and then using them immediately."

7. Recipe for success

Always chill cutout cookies on a baking sheet until they're firm before popping them into the oven. This helps them retain their fun shapes as they puff up during baking! — Gilean Watts, Food Specialist

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Food Tips

Holiday baking tips from the Test Kitchen