Food Tips

How to introduce solid foods to your baby

How to introduce solid foods to your baby

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Food Tips

How to introduce solid foods to your baby

Encourage healthy eating in 4 simple steps
1. Sit your baby at the table during mealtimes. Babies learn by watching.

2. Keep mealtimes pleasant. Let baby be your guide. By turning his head, keeping his mouth shut or throwing food on the floor, he is telling you he has had enough. Never force Baby to eat.

Remember: you decide what to offer; he decides how much to eat.

3. Let Baby handle some of the food while feeding.
Babies learn by exploring and touching. Let her feed herself with hands or utensils when able. She will make a mess, but this is a natural and normal part of learning.

4. Encourage your baby with a pleasant environment while eating. Avoid using food as a reward, punishment or game.

How and when to introduce solid foods to your baby:

Age: 6–9 months

Textures for 6-9 months:
Start with watery purées. Increase to lumpy purées and soft, shredded, minced or diced foods by 9 months.

Foods for 6-9 months:
a) Iron-rich foods:
• iron- fortified cereals (begin with single-grain cereals, such as rice, barley or oatmeal)
• beef
• chicken
• turkey
• lamb,
• egg yolk
• silken tofu
• fish

b) Soft and mild-tasting vegetables and fruits:
• squash
• peas
• green beans
• apples
• pears
• peaches
• avocados
• bananas

Age: 9–12 months
Textures for 9-12 months:
Soft or hard foods diced into bite-size pieces

Foods for 9-12 months:
• Bite-size tender meats, beans, tofu
• Vegetables cooked until tender
• Cubed and peeled soft fruits
• Finger foods: dry toast, unsalted crackers, cooked pasta, soft flatbread (such as pita or naan)
• Cubed or shredded soft cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese
After 12 months only: whole milk, cooked egg whites

Make your own homemade food for Baby with our 5 baby food recipes. Complete homemade meals Baby will love in just a whirr of the food processor.

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Food Tips

How to introduce solid foods to your baby