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Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Canada?

Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Canada?

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Food Tips

Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Canada?

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth with the most delicious chocolate around? We know just the places to go.

Discover eight sweet shops that have the best chocolate in Canada.

What better food is there to enjoy than chocolate? We asked Canadian Living readers to share their sources for the nation's best chocolate treats. Here are a few of your favourite chocolatiers. Can't make it to one of these tasty spots? No problem! You can whip up your own decadent treats with our tested-till-perfect recipe for Ganache-Filled Chocolates.


The Canadian Living Team Recommandations

1. Purdy's (Vancouver)


Image courtesy of Purdy's

Since the opening of the original store on Robson Street, Vancouver, in 1907, Purdy's has remained dedicated to producing superb chocolates made with delectable fresh ingredients. Although it is perhaps most famous for its cute (and delicious) chocolate hedgehogs -- hedgehog-shaped chocolates with creamy hazelnut fillings -- Purdy's also creates a vast array of other specialty and filled chocolates. With almost 60 shops in B.C., Alberta and Ontario, and an online store, a hedgehog or two need never be far from you.

"The best dark chocolate is from Purdy's...particularly the dark chocolate pink salt caramels and cinnamon chili dark chocolates." -- Vicky Radley, via Facebook


2. Sweet Lollapalooza (Edmonton)


Photo courtesy of Sweet Lollapalooza

After years of travelling the world, Australian-born chocolatier Brett Roy settled in Edmonton to make some of the finest, freshest confections in the country, which are available at Sweet Lollapalooza. Handmade daily in small batches, his creations change regularly, depending on his inspiration and the season. One of the most popular chocolates is the award winning, Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels.


3. Chocolatier Constance Popp (Winnipeg)


Photo courtesy of Chocolatier Constance Popp

The storefront on Provencher Blvd in Winnipeg is as elegant as the chocolates themselves. Made fresh daily using local ingredients when possible and the best quality single-origin chocolate, Constance Popp's chocolates are like little pieces of art. Unique additions, such as maple syrup, tequila, red beets, caraway seeds and bacon, find their way into some of the chocolate creations. The flavours change constantly with the seasons, but the signature chocolate, filled with vanilla bean--cream white chocolate ganache, is a telling sign of the classic contemporary style of this shop.

4. Rheo Thompson (Stratford, Ont.)


Photo courtesy of Rheo Thompson

Rheo Thompson has been delighting customers with traditional handmade chocolates and candies for more than 43 years. The Mint Smoothie is the signature chocolate that keeps customers coming back. Available in milk or dark chocolate with a refreshing mint centre, it's not to be missed. A giant selection of butter, vanilla and peanut butter creams rounds out the offerings. Chocolates and candies can also be purchased online.

"Rheo Thompson Candies in  Stratford, Ont. Everything in the place is incredible!" -- Julia Opie, via Facebook

5. Anne of Green Gables Chocolates (Charlottetown)


Photo courtesy of Anne of Green Gables Chocolates

Drawing inspiration from P.E.I.'s most beloved fictional character, Anne of Green Gables Chocolates sells boxes of specialty chocolates, including Chocolate Sweeties (a delectable old-fashioned brown sugar fudge enrobed in milk chocolate), and Anne's Chocolate Caramels, Bosom Buddies . (Anne fans will appreciate the references!) In addition to the specialty chocolates, Cow Chips -- fresh P.E.I. potato chips covered in rich milk chocolate -- are a must-try. Find them at multiple locations across the province or order online; the company will ship across Canada.

6. Newfoundland Chocolate Company (St. John's, N.L.)


Photo courtesy of Newfoundland Chocolate Company

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has been hand-making chocolates since 2008. Named for famous Newfoundland landmarks and moments in history, many of the treats feature locally inspired flavours. Top sellers include The Quiet Cove Series presents our very finest milk chocolate selection with an assortment of centres including berries, nuts, caramels and more.  This series is dedicated to the resilient, beautiful and charming communities dotting the coastline and bays of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

7. SOMA Chocolatemaker (Toronto)


Image courtesy of SOMA Chocolatemaker

Nestled in the heart of Toronto's Distillery District, SOMA is a sweet oasis of chocolate. Sourcing cacao beans from all over the world, the chocolatiers at SOMA hand-sort, roast, conch and mould the chocolate into delightful creations. Some of the most popular chocolates include their eight-year-aged-balsamic truffles and the Caramel & Praline Spark of Joy box.

In addition to fantastic chocolates, shoppers will also find handmade chocolate bars, cookies, gelato and other delicious creations at both the Distillery District store and in a newer location on King Street West. 

"SOMA has changed everything about the way I look at chocolate!" -- Danielle Young, via Facebook

8. Choklat (Calgary)


Image courtesy of Choklat

At Choklat, life is not like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Instead, you know exactly what you're going to get -- because you get to create exactly what you want. Each confection begins with chocolate made in-house from carefully selected cacao beans grown in single plantations all over the world. Customers select fillings, the type of chocolate (milk, dark or white), and additions, such as nuts or candies, to their exact specifications; the chocolate is then hand-made to order.

If you're in Calgary, visit the store to create your own sweet treat, or order online -- they'll ship your delicious creations across the country. 

"I go to Choklat in Calgary. They buy the beans and roast them themselves, one of the few places that do. The truffles are hand-dipped and made to order, so delicious!" -- Claire Hannaford, via Facebook


9. Joane l'Heureux Chocolats (Montreal)

Image courtesy of

Both daring and traditional, the chocolates of this are handcrafted from refined ingredients. refined ingredients. We love the boxes in collaboration with a sommelier. To be savored in perfect harmony with with champagne, port, rum or whisky.


10. Erico Chocolaterie Creative (Quebec City)

Image courtesy of

Since 1987, Erico's team has been doing everything possible to to offer us a collection of authentic Easter chocolates. authentic Easter chocolates. All the decorations and mouldings are made by hand in small in small quantities to ensure the freshness and quality freshness and quality.


Readers Recommandations


1. Musée du Chocolat (Bromont)

On the lookout for new trends, Serge and his team have developed brand new flavors for his chocolate mignardises.Irresistible flavors such as strawberry basil and balsamic, honey ginger or caramel fleurs de sel, but without forgetting the more classic bites such as the double chocolate truffle or the pralines. The chocolate museum offers its customers more than forty flavors and chocolate scents.


2. Rheo Tompson (Stratford)

Since 1969, They have been crafting confections the same way with time-honoured recipes and tools. We think you can taste the difference. They made the pledge to only source our chocolate through partnerships that foster cocoa sustainability from bean to bar.


3. Peace By Chocolat (Halifax)

Since Peace By Chocolate was founded at the beginning of 2016, they have been fortunate to share their passion for chocolate with new friends in their community of Antigonish, with people all across the province of Nova Scotia, and now around the world. Inside each Peace By Chocolate product is uncompromising quality, with each chocolate a little work of art in and of itself, exuding sophistication, style and excellence. We encourage you to try our chocolate soon because, after all, One Peace Won't Hurt™.


4. ChocolaTas (Vancouver)

Wim’s unique talent for finding the perfect balance of flavour and texture creates the most exquisite chocolates. As owner in partnership with Wim, Veve enhances his creativity with attention to detail and planning. Her own individual talent is reflected in the elegance of the final products.They both share a passion for their business and are inspired daily to bring customers the ultimate ChocolaTas experience. Their chocolates have consistently been awarded by those who are purveyors of fine chocolate. Delectables such as 'Dark Chocolate Ganache Infused With Earl Grey Tea', 'Exotic Caramel' ...and so many more.


5. Walkers Chocolates (Hamilton & Burlington)

You can always count on Walker’s products to be fresh, all natural and made with care in Canada. With the area’s largest selection of moulded chocolate novelties—everything from chocolate iPhones and Lego blocks to beer bottles and chocolate pizzas – gift giving is easy. Customized requests are also encouraged with many companies creating corporate logos for gift giving and employee incentives.


6. Reids (Cambridge)

In 1935, Raymond Gibney founded his first nut shop in Kitchener, Ontario. By 1955, there were Raymond’s Nut Shops all across Ontario, from Owen Sound to Hamilton and from Kitchener to Cornwall. Now owned and operated by brother and sister team, Ted Drew-Smith and Carrie Peart, Reids continues to move forward with the family tradition of great customer service and quality products.


7. Rogers' Chocolate (Victoria)

At Rogers' Chosolate, they are proudly committed to sustainable, certified cocoa. As part of their Cultivate betterTM Cocoa initative, they invest directly into programs that empower prospering farmers, inspire thriving communities and encourage environmental perservation.


8. Chocolatier Marlain (Pointe-Claire)

The Marlain Chocolatier boutique was established in 1985 by Marlain Jean-Philippe, Chef, Maître Chocolatier and Confectioner. Marlain graduated top of his class in French and Creole Cuisine from the École hôtelière in Martinique. Ever since its beginnings, the boutique offered unique products reflecting Marlain’s talents and background. Among others, the famous Marlain and Aphrodite chocolates show his special ability to combine chocolate and spice.


9. Purdys (Vancouver)

Their chocolates are made with sustainable cocoa. They pay a premium for sustainable cocoa to ensure their farmer partners and co-ops are supported by programs that improve their profit and the livelihoods of their families. It's really quite simple, it's a choice they've made because it's the right choice to make.


10. Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut (Calgary)

They create award-winning chocolates and handcraft fine cocoa confections, including Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut® products, using couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ sustainable & fair trade cocoa and cocoa butter.


11. Thomas Hass  (Vancouver)

A fourth-generation pâtissier, Thomas Haas was first introduced to the delicate art of hand-crafting chocolates and pastries in the kitchen of Cafe Konditorei Haas, opened by his great-grandfather in the Black Forest region of Aichhalden, Germany in 1918. Thomas carried the torch and continued his family’s long-standing tradition, apprenticing and working with top chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe en route to earning his stripes as Konditormeister, or Master Pastry Chef.


12. Sweet Gestures (Cranbrook)

Quality hand dipped belgian chocolate truffles and much more....peanut brittle-fudge-our amazing tortes.


13. Stubbe Chocolates (Ottawa)

At the Stubbe Chocolates shops we invite you to experience Truffles, Tortes, Pastries and Sweets, all created on the premises, according to the high standards of the German Konditorei. In Partnership with Procolcacao and we created our Nectar de Cacao. This is a drink enjoyed hot or cold, created from pure 100% supreme cocoa paste and sugar cane. We also created our signature chocolate covered cocoa beans and nibs. These premium cocoa beans and nibs are packed with antioxidants, flavonoids and minerals. They are wonderfully unique and gourmet treats.


14. Guild Chocolate (Petrolia)

Sample a delectable variety of chocolates while learning about cocoa growing regions, bean-to-bar chocolate production, the hallmarks of fine chocolate, and how chocolate has evolved over the centuries. After your tasting experience, you will never look at chocolate the same way again.




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Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Canada?