Oysters on the Half Shell Oysters on the Half Shell

Photography: Jeff Coulson

Raw oysters served on the bottom shell are called "on the half shell." The subtle flavours of the meat and juice are best appreciated raw (just slurp back the oyster and juices right from the shell), though minimal additions (a dab of horseradish, squeeze of lemon or dash of hot sauce) are also delicious.

  • Portion size 6 servings



Make a bed of crushed ice on 6 deep plates; place in freezer.

Using stiff brush, scrub oyster shells under cold water. Shuck oysters over sieve set over bowl. Using oyster knife and thick glove or cloth, holding oyster curved shell down, insert tip blade into hinge and twist. Once seal is broken, wipe blade clean, reinsert it and slide it along inside of flat upper shell to cut oyster from top shell. Slide blade under oyster to sever it from lower shell. Hold shell level to keep as much liquor as possible with oyster. Discard flat upper shells. Balance oysters in bottom shells on bed of ice.

Garnish each plate with lemon wedge and parsley sprigs. Season with pepper.

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Oysters on the Half Shell