Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky

Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky

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Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky

CanadianLiving.com editors asked readers to share their favourite ways to enjoy whisky. You'll won't want to miss these tasty elixirs. Bottom's up!

1. Kathy H who enjoys her whisky in the fall and winter, submitted a twist on a hot toddy:
“1 shot of whisky (I perfer Wisers)
1 cup of boiling hot water
1 bag of Calm tea from Tazo
1 teaspoon honey
Let tea steep for 2 minutes in hot water in a mug. Remove tea bag, add honey and stir till disolved…then add whisky. Enjoy by a warm fire with a warm body near by! This is my favorite thing to drink when I have a cold or it is cold.”

2. Sandra MacDonald holds the belief that “Scotch (whisky) makes water taste better. HA!” and drinks her malt whisky neat with a tiny bit of water to bring out the flavour. Here is her recipe for her winter favourite:
“2 oz of Scotch (ach! go on not 1.5)
1 oz of warmed Stone’s Ginger Wine
Big Squeeze of lemon
If using for medicinal purposes I add a bit of hot water. Put in a large mug or glass and hope winter goes away”.

3. Mona had this delicious treat to offer, but it needs a name Mona!
“Infuse fresh basil leaves with water and add teaspoon of suger (or as much sugar as you prefer to taste) stovetop - try not to boil it. Let cool. Add one shot whiskey of your choice to 3 parts tasty basil infusion over ice with a twist of lemon and enjoy”.

4. Janice McKelvey submits:
“How about hot apple cider! 1-2 shots of good whisky, a slice of lemon and a stick of cinnamon – yummy”.

5. And Freddy Clemett likes whiskey with fruit juice.
“I mix a bit of whisky (1 part whiskey to 2-3 parts juice) with grapefruit juice it sounds harsh but it’s actually really good, adding a maraschino cherry makes it even better. I’ve also been known to mix Jack Daniels with apple juice”.

6. Kelly Pollock submitted a Sazerac cocktail from New Orleans:
“I mix 3oz of rye, 1oz of simple syrup a splash of bitters & a drop or two of absinthe. I usually just add a bit of lemon zest but I’ve had them with a fancy lemon twist a cherry & either one is a nice addition!”

7. Ursula Cameron submitted this boozy delight that I have never heard of, did she make it up or is this a classic cocktail I wonder?
The Falling Star - In a shaker filled with ice, add 1 oz whiskey, 1/2 oz sloe gin,a dash of bitters and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.”

8. Brenda submitted this inspired bit of Canadiana:
“In honour of the Cranberry Festival, I call this the Bala Autumn Wakeup. Add 4 oz of Cranberry juice to 1-1/2 oz whisky. Add ice and top with a drizzle of Sortilege (Maple syrup/Canadian Whisky liqueur–only available in Quebec). Garnish with a few frozen cranberries. If you don’t have any Sortilege use a drizzle of Frangelico.”

Canadian Living editors agree - the greatest thing to enjoy with your glass of whisky is Scottish shortbread. Enjoy your whisky concoction with our Scottish Shortbread recipe


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Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky