Your Father's Day grill guide

Your Father's Day grill guide

Elk Burgers With Caramelized Onions
Photography by Joe Kim
Image by: Elk Burgers With Caramelized Onions <br /> Photography by Joe Kim Author: Canadian Living


Your Father's Day grill guide

Some call him Dad and others call him King of the Grill -- whatever you call your pop, honour him this Father's Day with a memorable backyard barbecue.
Don't know where to start when it comes to barbecuing? Check out our tips for buying the best outdoor cooking tools. Then use our selection of over 100 barbecue recipes to create the perfect menu. From the best burgers to delectable pies, we'll help you host a delicious feast. This Father's Day, rise to the occasion and grill up a storm.
Don't forget the gift!
Remember to browse through our gift guide to find the perfect present for your dad, whether it's a fun, homemade gift or tickets to a hockey game. We finish off our Father's Day special with great articles about real-life dads, and how your dad's parenting style has affected you.

Barbecuing tips and tools 
Barbecues and grills: Our best buying tips 
Here's our barbecue buying guide to help you find a grill that's right for you.
Barbecue basics: Essential tools for your barbecue  
Canadians love to barbecue, and having the best tools on hand will make your grilling days a success. Here are the 8 essential barbecue tools as suggested by Canadian Living that you need plus easy links to Canadian stores for online shopping.
4 great ways to get your barbecue ready for grilling season 
Don't enter the season without spring cleaning your most important cooking tool - the barbecue. Here's how to tune your grill up on a budget.

Fun tools for carefree outdoor dining 
Handy tips and innovative tools for a flawless outdoor dining experience.

22 savory barbecue sauces, rubs and marinades
Four spicy rubs and marinades 
Spice up your BBQ with these four classic rub recipes: African Adobo, Cajun, Mole and Orange Spice.
Lip-smacking barbecue sauces 
Homemade barbecue sauce will set your grilling apart from every one else on the block. These eight lip-smacking recipes for barbecue sauce will name you Master of the Grill!
Spice mixes and marinades  
Kick up your summer grilling a notch with these delicious flavourings for meat, fish and poultry.

20 amazing barbecue recipes  
Photo gallery: 10 best burger recipes  
Here's a round-up of our 10 best burger recipes. From beef to elk to chicken to vegetarian, you'll find a delicious, Tested Till Perfect burger recipe to suit every palate at you next barbecue.

Photo gallery: Test Kitchen dads and their favourite recipes
From savoury burgers to traditional pot stickers, Canadian Living Test Kitchen experts share their dads' most favourite recipes in honour of Father's Day.
Smoky Tex-Mex Ribs 
Man, woman and child will lick their chops in anticipation for these classic, smoky ribs done on the barbecue. Our step-by-step instructions show you exactly how to perfect this summer favourite.
Horseradish Strip Loin With Grilled Peppers  
Strip loin steaks are an inexpensive option for a simple meal, but you can substitute any other cut of grilling steak. Use a large metal spatula when turning the onions on the grill to prevent them from falling apart.
Yogurt-Spiced Chicken With Grilled Tomato Kabobs  
Charring the cherry tomatoes adds flavour, and they still hold their shape. If you want to make this recipe ahead of time, you can marinate the chicken overnight. Serve sprinkled with cilantro if desired, along with grilled naan or Greek-style pita bread.
Stout-Glazed Beef Ribs  
Beer and ribs are such a match that you'll have everyone asking for more. Pork ribs would make a delicious alternative – just cut them into two-rib portions and add one hour to the braising time.
Spicy Steak Kabobs  
Heat up the grill and try out these Tested Till Perfect Spicy Steak Kabobs.
Grilled Portobello and Cheese Burgers  
Meaty, dense portobello mushrooms are a delicious substitute for hamburgers – even for meat lovers. Mushrooms are like sponges because they absorb water, which is why cleaning them with a damp paper towel is all that's necessary.

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27 scrumptious sides 
How to grill vegetables  
Discover expert vegetable grilling tips, how to grill 18 of your favourite vegetable and a few of our favourite grilled vegetable recipes.

Canada’s best potato salad recipes
Potato salad recipes vary as far and wide as Canada itself. Here's a comprehensive list of potato salad recipes - each one equally fantastic - developed by The Canadian Living Test Kitchen.

This Tested Till Perfect Coleslaw tastes fresh and delicious.

Green salad  
Check out our Tested Till Perfect version of a classic Green Salad. 

Grilled Corn With Chipotle Lime Butter
This grilled corn makes the perfect side dish at any barbecue. 

27 delicious drinks 
Classic Lemonade  
Tart and tangy, this is the essential summertime drink. For a sparkling version, use soda water instead of water.
Strawberry Lemonade  
This jewel-tone drink is sweet, tart and completely refreshing. It's also a perfect way to use up slightly overripe berries. Add a splash of sparkling water for some zip.

25 awesome BBQ-friendly cocktails
25 popular drinks and cocktails to sip by the barbecue.

20 delectable desserts
Brian’s Sour Cherry Pie  
Dad has more of a meat tooth than a sweet tooth, but this sour cherry pie remains one of his all-time favourites. I now make it every year for his birthday. The small cherry tree in his backyard yields enough for only one pie and perhaps a few small tarts, making this pie a rare treat.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Orange Zest
Sweet and tangy, this pie can convert any rhubarb naysayer with its vibrant and fresh appeal. Topping the fruit mixture with butter adds richness and also slightly thickens the filling.

Photo gallery: 10 brownie recipes
10 tempting brownie recipes, from classic fudgy brownies to cappuccino cheesecake.

Sensational summer desserts on the grill
From in-season fruits to homemade Beavertails to beautiful Thai sticky rice, your grill is the key to sweet summer desserts.

Gifts for dad 
A quick and fun Father’s Day card craft  
Celebrate Dad with this quick and easy Father's Day card craft.

How to pick the perfect gift for your father  
Finding the perfect gift for Father's Day doesn't have to be difficult. Check out our amazing gift ideas and give your dad something he'll always remember.
Photo gallery: The 10 best Father’s Day gifts  
From cool eyewear to the perfect grilling accessory, we've gathered the best Father's Day gifts that are sure to make your dad smile.

Fatherhood: exploring that special bond
Baby on board  
A little planning can go a long way, especially when you're preparing for the arrival of your first baby.
The best thing about being a father  
Dads show their softer sides and reflect on why they love different aspects of parenthood.
How has your father’s parenting style affected you  
We look at 8 different fathering styles to help you find out more about your dad's personality and how it may have shaped your life.

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Your Father's Day grill guide