Amazing Tuna Casserole

Author: Canadian Living

Growing up we always had a very plain tuna casserole but when I came across this one, I never looked back and have shared it every chance I could. Always meeting rave reviews!

  • Portion size 6 servings
  • Credits : lisa



1. Mix together in large bowl, onions, celery, red pepper, tuna and mayo. 2. In small sauce pan, heat up soup, milk and then add in cheese when hot enough to melt it. 3. Meanwhile cook egg noodles. You can add more noodles if you like, but remember the saucier the better. 4. Mix together in the large bowl the tuna mixture and the cheese mixture stirring well. 5. Drain noodles when done, combine with mixture in the large bowl. Transfer to greased casserole dish. Top with cheese, crackers crumbled, whatever you like. 6. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 30 mins or until bubbly.
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Amazing Tuna Casserole