Cheesy Baked Potato

Author: Canadian Living

This is a fancy baked potato that my husband and I created. It is usually served with a nice Barbequed Steak and roasted veggies!

  • Portion size 2 servings
  • Credits : Jennifer Boudreau



Chop green onion and set aside, wash potatoes and microwave on high at 5 minute intervals until fork pierces easily. Once cooked, scoop out flesh, leaving a firm wall inside the potato. Mix the flesh and broth (I whip it with a hand mixer to make it fluffy) add garlic salt and pepper. Fold in the green onion and half the cheese. Put the mixture back in the potato and wrap tin foil around the bottom portion (leave the top exposed) Sprinkle the cheddar on top and bake either in the oven or BBQ. Add bacon if desired and bake til cheese melts.
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Cheesy Baked Potato