Chicken and Dumplings

Author: Canadian Living

A Country favourite! Great for the multi-tasker because the preparatory steps can be completed around other household tasks.

  • Portion size 4 servings
  • Credits : Laura opden Dries



*Lightly coat the Chicken Thighs in the Seasoned Flour. *In a large skillet heat the 2 tbsp of Margarine or Oil and begin browning the lightly coated Chicken Thighs. *Meanwhile peel and coarsely chop the Onion, Carrots and Celery. *Once all the Chicken Thighs are browned, remove them from the skillet and place in a 2 Quart Casserole dish with lid. *Saute the chopped Onion, Carrots and Celery until soft in the same skillet you used for browning the Chicken Thighs. When completed transfer all the vegetables to the same casserole dish holding the Chicken Thighs. *Deglaze the skillet with 2 Cups Chicken Stock. Pour on top of the chicken and vegetables. Sprinkle with 1 tsp Crushed Thyme. *Cover casserole with lid and place in a 325 Degree oven for 1 hour. *Meanwhile prepare Dumplings by stirring together Flour, Baking Powder, Sugar, Salt and Parsley Flakes. Cut in Butter or Margarine until mixture is crumbly. Stir in milk to make a soft dough. *During the last 15 minutes of cooking, drop spoonfuls of dough onto the top of the bubbling casserole. Replace lid and finish cooking. *This is a meal in itself but for the heartier appetite you could add a side dish of steamed, new potatoes.
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Chicken and Dumplings