Chocolate Pate

Author: Canadian Living

The recipe given here is from my banquet book so will serve around 40-50 people, adjust as needed. This pate is quite rich so not much is needed. Best way to serve is to use ice cream scoop or tablespoon and make long diagonal curves. Serve with raspberry coulee.

  • Portion size 50 servings
  • Credits : bdfoley



Melt chocolate in double-boiler being careful not to let any moisture into chocolate (melted chocolate and water/steam are mortal enemies). Fold in cream, melted butter (not oleo), and cognac. When blended gently fold in icing sugar. Strain mixture through cheesecloth to eliminate lumps of unmelted chocolate. I found a square cake pan worked well to contain mixture. Put into fridge until set. Use an ice cream scoop or tablespoon to scrape long curls and fan 3 per plate like spokes on a wheel, drizzle with raspberry coulee and a sprig of fresh mint. Super rich so moderation is the word :)
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Chocolate Pate