Crab Dip

Author: Canadian Living

Very simple crab dip for use on crackers, or in Cream Cheese Pasty Tart Shells CAN BE FROZEN in Jello Molds, thaws quickly... so you can always have an appetizer available for last minute guests, or to take to a party, when you do not have time to prepare in advance.

  • Portion size 20 servings
  • Credits : nancy scott



Drain Crabmeat, add seafood sauce (to your taste, mix into cream cheese... Once totally mixed, I use Jello Molds, or small brioche pans (mini bundt pan).. drizzle olive oil into pan, spread all over mold... sprinkle with celery seeds. Refrigerate or freeze... unmold onto decorative plate when ready to use, if frozen, will take approx 30 min to thaw. Serve with Crackers or Cream Cheese Pastry Tart Shells. YUM
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Crab Dip