Croque Monsieur a la Boeuf

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I love playing around with grilled meat-and-cheese sandwiches. This version of the well-known Croque Monsieur (or Monte Cristo) sandwich replaces some of the ham with beef. Use a good-quality, thick-sliced bread if you can. Try it with any of your favourite two meats and cheeses!

  • Portion size 1 serving
  • Credits : Cathy Elliott



Beat the eggs in a wide, shallow bowl.

Place a large, non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat with a splash of oil, butter or margarine. Dip one slice of bread in the beaten egg and coat both sides, then place in the preheated pan. Fry on one side for a couple of minutes (until the egg is cooked) and flip over; reduce heat if pan is too hot. As soon as you flip the first slice of bread, dip a second one in the egg mixture and place alongside the first in the frying pan. Once the second slice has cooked on it's first side, flip it over; quickly place a slice of Swiss cheese, all of the shaved ham, and a second slice of Swiss cheese on top of it. By then, the first slice of bread should be cooked on both sides; place it on top of the ham and cheese and press down slightly. Immediately dip the last slice of bread in the egg and place it in the pan. While it browns on one side, return to the half-made sandwich and place a slice of Cheddar, all the shaved roast beef, and a smear of your choice of mustard (if using), and another slice of Cheddar on top. Flip the third slice of bread over (i.e., cooked side on top of the last slice of Cheddar cheese) to form a triple-decker sandwich. Carefully flip the entire sandwich over to allow the final slice of bread to cook.

Press down lightly on the sandwich with the back of your spatula, and allow to fry just until the egg is completely cooked and the cheeses are melted. Slice in half and serve immediately, with plenty of napkins.
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Croque Monsieur a la Boeuf