Homemade Iced Green Tea

Author: Canadian Living

This will likely take a few tries to get the balance of flavor right. But there are many different directions that this recipe could go in. (and its pretty nice with Malibu)

  • Portion size 12 servings
  • Credits : icantwaittosail smitty



Fill glass jug 7/8 full with lukewarm or cooler water. Put tea bags in water. Cut lemon in to eighths or fours depending if you want to use the whole lemon or not. Add to water. Now most any fruit will go with this tea so try a variety. Pour liquid honey into glass jug, minimum 1 tbsp. There are also a variety of honeys available... Cover glass jug and place in the sun for 4 hours. Bring in and remove the tea bags. Stir the liquid and refrigerate. When cool add ice and garnish of your choice, even rimming the glass would suit.
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Homemade Iced Green Tea