Jazzed Up Grilled Cheese

Author: Canadian Living

this is great served with a side salad or just a big yummy dill pickle

  • Portion size 1 serving
  • Credits : Diane Cingel



you may lightly butter your bread if desired (I desire). Place slice of cheese topped with tomato and onion and seasonings on one slice of bread. Cover with other slice of bread. Lightly butter the top of the sandwich and place it top side down on a heated grill, in a heated frypan, or whatever means you use to make a grilled cheese sandwich. (you place the sandwich so the cheese is the first to hit the grill and thus melt "deliciously" through the remaining toppers). Once golden brown flip confidently (if you lose confidence mid-flip you could have a sloppy mess!). Grill 'til toasted to your taste and slip it onto a plate. Be prepared to enjoy the jazzy version of the old familiar grilled cheese!
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Jazzed Up Grilled Cheese