Author: Canadian Living

This is a recipe I created with a fellow reporter for the morning after we stayed up super late getting our newspaper put to bed. The next morning she would head to the store a nice steak to accompany the dish. This 20 years ago. Since then I make every morning on the last day of camping so any families camping with us all dig it as they begin to decamp and pack up. I also make this on Christmas morning and occasionally other times in the year on cold or rainy Saturday mornings.

  • Portion size 10 servings
  • Credits : sdnorman



Cut the bacon in little pieces. Fry them until they are crisp and remove to a paper towel. Pour off half the fat. Reserve. Add the hashbrowns to the bacon fat and cook them until they are browned. Remove the hashbrowns. Add the reserved fat to pan and saute the onions and peppers. Remove from pan. Scramble the eggs in the pan.

Place everything in a casserole dish and, using a wooden spoon, mix in most of the cheeses. Save some cheddar for the top. Place in a 400 F oven for 15 minutes until cheese bubbles. If you are camping, use the frying pan as the casserole dish and mix everything in, cover and keep on low heat until cheese melts.
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