Laura's Friday Night Jambalaya

Author: Canadian Living

This simple recipe combines the flavours you expect from traditional Jambalaya with the ease of making your favourite casserole. That's what makes it perfect for Friday night!

  • Portion size 4 servings
  • Credits : Laura opden Dries



*Cut sausages using kitchen shears into 1/2 inch thick pieces.(This yields approx. 20 pieces in total). *Chop each chicken thigh into 2 pieces. (This yields 8 pieces in total). *In an electric frying pan or a skillet large enough to hold the entire contents of the recipe begin cooking in two seperate batches first the sausages and then the chicken thighs, removing each batch from the pan when completed. Season with salt and pepper while cooking but remember there is a later salt addition. NB. The fat rendered from cooking the sausages should eliminate the need for any additional butter or oil additions. *Meanwhile begin chopping the small onion and Bell Pepper. *Add these ingredients to the pan and saute until soft once the sausages and chicken thighs are cooked and removed from the pan. *Add all the seasonings,Can of Aylmer Accents,Chicken Stock,Dry White Wine and Bay Leaf. Stir to combine. Return Chicken and Sausage to pan. Gently stir to Combine. Bring mixture to boil and then Simmer for 15 minutes. *After 15 minutes,discard Bay Leaf and add 3 to 4 drops of Commercial Hot Sauce. *Add Cooked Rice and Shrimp. Gently stir to combine. Continue cooking until the shrimp is pink and opaque and the rice is heated. *When serving ensure that each person has equal portions of the different proteins in the dish.
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Laura's Friday Night Jambalaya