Lazy Perogies

Lazy Perogies 150 Image by: Lazy Perogies 150 Author: Canadian Living

This is a recipe to help use leftovers, save pennies and still provide a great meal for everyone!

  • Portion size 6 servings
  • Credits : khilling7



Combine mashed potatoes with 2 cups cheese, bacon, green onions and seasonings. Save 1/2 cup cheese for topping. Grease large casserole dish with cooking spray, Preheat oven to 375ºF. First layer: place 3 lasagna noodles in casserole dish, brush lightly with melted butter. Second layer: Spread mashed potato mixture smoothly over noodles. Repeat up to 3 more times, ending with mashed potato mixture, and top with remaining cheese. Bake at 375ºF for 30 minutes, cheese should be hot and bubbly. Cut and serve in large squares, top with sour cream. You can also substitute any perogy flavours (pizza, roasted garlic) with this recipe.
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Lazy Perogies