Mac and Cheese with a Kick

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I usually put this in a large casserole dish that can go from fridge to oven for a few days because the kids constantly reheat and eat this until it is gone.

  • Portion size 6 servings
  • Credits : shirleyvmcintyre



Boil macaroni, drain and add to casserole dish, a few inches at a time. Layer salsa and your favorite cheese on top and then repeat until the top layer where you would like the cheese to be the last layer. Sprinkle onion thru out the layering as much as your family would enjoy. this is a family pleaser and a real budget pleaser for me. I use whatever macaroni I have on hand in the pantry, this recipe is just as good with regular macaroni or whatever you have on hand. I often use the last bits of every bag I have in the cupboard, and the cheese works wonderful if you have lots of little bits in your cheese compartment in the fridge, use them up. Dont have to buy anything special, a hunk of mozza, a hunk of cheddar, etc, all grated up together is a wonderful way to make a dinner out of "nothing". Adding a small jar of salsa sauce makes it seem like a real home cooked, gourmet fancy type dinner. Make lots, the kids will nuke this for a few days until it is gone. Nutritious, awesome budget friendly and so comforty good to eat.
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Mac and Cheese with a Kick