Oven Grilled Tuna Melts

Author: Canadian Living

served hot, warm or cold, great lunch or snack idea. These made smaller will work great as an appetizer/finger food. My mom would make these for us, we all loved them, today I consider this my comfort food.

  • Portion size 8 servings
  • Credits : Tamara White



drain tuna; chop hard boiled eggs; dice onion; split hamburger rolls in half. in a large mixing bowl, combine tuna, eggs, cheese, onion, sweet relish, salt, pepper and miracle whip, mix well. spread 1 heaping tablespoon onto each hamburger roll half, place on baking sheet, repeat untill all half rolls are used. place in oven under broiler until warm through and lighly browned on top. 2 pieces per serving. Enjoy hot, warm or cold, great with veggie sticks.
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Oven Grilled Tuna Melts