Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon with Maple Roasted Apples

Author: Canadian Living

There's nothing better than the aroma of bacon on a chilly Canadian fall day. You know your guests will be delighted with a savoury tender piece of pork wrapped with bacon that was roasted in maple syrup and delicious apples to help keep them warm.

  • Portion size 8 servings
  • Credits : Alison Kilpatrick



Place pork tenderloin in a dish with the Dijon mustard, olive oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar, to marinate for 1 hour or overnight.

Preheat oven to 350 °F.

Meanwhile, wash and cut apples and place into dish in order to combine with maple syrup. Use clean hands to combine apples with the syrup. Depending on how large the apples and how many, you may need to add more syrup.

Remove pork from marinade and place on cutting board. Lay uncooked bacon strips on cutting board and sprinkle with sage. Carefully roll pork tenderloins in the bacon and sage.

Once finished, transfer the pork wrapped in bacon into the center of a roasting dish surrounding it with the apples coated in syrup.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes or thermometer placed in thickest part of the pork reads 150 °F.
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Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon with Maple Roasted Apples