Rainbowed Salmon

Author: Canadian Living

Most people find Salmon dry and fishy tasting. I made up this recipe a long time ago, since I am one of those people. This salmon recipe is juicy and very tasty. It is easy, inexpensive and an nutritious meal to serve to guests.

  • Portion size 8 servings
  • Credits : eldorado



Rince Salmon under cold water and place skin side down in roasting pan or any pan 10x14 or bigger. Place tomatoes on top while alternating colors. Place sliced onions on top of tomatoes and same with celery, spreading them to cover all of the salmon. Spinkle salt, pepper and basil, squeeze the lemon on top of all ingredients. Put lid or cover tightly with foil. Cook for 1 hour or until centre of the salmon reaches 170F. Once the contents are cooked, drain the liqid carefully into a sauce pan. Place on burner, bring to a boil,add chicken bouillon, stir, then add cream, cook for 1 minute then remove from heat. If using milk, add 3 tblps of Corn Starch to the milk and stir well before adding to the sauce. Cook until thickened, app. 3 minutes. Cut the fish in 8 pieces, use spatula when lifting onto plate, ensuring to keep the vegetables on top of the fish. Pour the sauce on top of each individual serving of fish. Goes well with rice or any type of potato.
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Rainbowed Salmon