School Bus Breakfast

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It is hard to get teens to eat a proper breakfast, but most do enjoy cooking so take advantage of this and we do family cooking on the weekend afternoon. You can accomplish two goals, cooking lesson and great colourful, tasty warm breakfast when needed. Quick and easy, individual wrap and place in freezer for use within 3 months.

  • Portion size 12 servings
  • Credits : shirleyvmcintyre



Have teens wash and chop up onion in small pieces and seed and cut the bell peppers into long colourful strips. Place on plate. Then have teens grate cheese onto a different plate. Make scrambled eggs with the milk and salt and pepper. Place into large bowl with ladle. Open tortilla and place on clean work surface. When all ingredients are ready have the teens place an amount of scrambled eggs down the centre of the tortilla. Not to the edge as you will be rolling these up when done. Place the a few colourful pepper strips on top and then sprinkle some onion on top. Then completely cover the egg/pepper mixture with a good portion of cheese. Roll tight, tuck in top and bottom and wrap securely with saran wrap and put in freezer. You can then just grab these on those frantic rush to the bus stop mornings when you realize your teens havent eaten. Microwave for approx 1 minute depending on your microwave size and put in a paper napkin and voila, breakfast to go to the bus.
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School Bus Breakfast