Shrimp & 3 Cheese Pasta

Author: Canadian Living

I like to be able to whip something up quickly and healthy for my children, especially when I'm heading in for a night shift. Sometimes I do with what I have and this recipe came together one afternoon and has been a hit every time since.

  • Portion size 8 servings
  • Credits : Leslie White



While pasta is boiling - place oil in pan and cook onions for approx. 5 mins. Then add celery, muchrooms, garlic, and yellow pepper; cook until tender. Add shrimp with black pepper to vegetables to heat. Drain Pasta and return to large saucepan, add vegetables and shrimp, mixing in all three cheeses. Serve. Shrimp can be substituted w chicken, ground beef or sliced cooked sausage. Cheeses can also be substituted for personal favourites and taste.
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Shrimp & 3 Cheese Pasta