Squash Bowl Casserole

Author: Canadian Living

A hearty selection of vegetables and ground meat (optional) served in an acorn squash "bowl"

  • Portion size 4 servings
  • Credits : judicarrharris



-cut squash in half, lengthwise, remove seeds
-cook face down on paper towel in microwave for 15 minutes- set aside when tender
- turn up to create 4 "bowls"
- cook rice according to directions on pkg.- set aside
-brown the ground meat in a dutch oven or deep skillet
- chop and add onions - add mushrooms including liquid
- add green beans
-add rice to meat mixture and stir to mix (for vegetarian option - omit meat - it is just as good)
- stir in undiluted cream of mushroom soup until mixed well
-spoon meat/rice/veg mixture into "bowls" to make a mound -these may be prepared in advance and kept, covered, in frig. overnight or until needed
-sprinkle with grated cheese (optional)
- microwave for approx. 3 minutes to re-heat - enjoy!
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Squash Bowl Casserole