Sweet Romano Gnocchi

Author: Canadian Living

The inspiration for my Italian-Canadian dish comes from living in the tomato capital of Canada. The abundance of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, and potatoes in Southwestern Ontario provides the perfect ingredients for my gnocchi. (PS. even the beans are from a local canning and tomato factory) My Italian heritage and my Canadian pride provide the best taste of two worlds in this dish. This is simply served in a pasta bowl with fresh basil and parmesan cheese with a spring mix salad and fresh Italian bread. Magnifico eh!

  • Portion size 8 servings
  • Credits : Marilyn Wiper




Wash,scrub and cut all potatoes in 1/2. Place in large pot of cold water,boil potatoes until cooked. In the meantime,prepare tomato sauce. Using food processor or chop, celery, onion, and garlic and saute in olive oil until softened(approx 5 minutes). Add crushed tomatoes, diced or fresh tomatoes,tomato paste, fresh basil, bay leaf, crushed red pepper,and salt to taste. Partially cover and simmer for 35 mins, stirring occasionally. Drain potatoes, under cold running water remove all skin from potatoes. Mash potatoes and (drained and rinsed) romano beans together in food processor. Return to bowl and add 3 cups of flour and 2 tsp salt. Turn onto floured board and add remaining flour as needed. Knead into a smooth ball. Roll out ball with rolling pin flat like a pizza 1/2" thick. Then cut into strips. Gently roll out strips into thin, long logs and cut logs into 1" pieces. Place fingerprint in each piece to promote better cooking when boiling pasta. Sprinkle flour on prepared gnocchi and let dry out a bit.(Gnocchi can be placed loosely on floured cookie sheet at this point and refrigerated or frozen) In a large pot of boiling, salted water carefully add gnocchi. Stir gently. Gnocchi are cooked when they rise to the top.(approx 5 mins).Drain well. Add sauce and parmesan cheese. Serve with spring mix salad and fresh Italian bread.
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Sweet Romano Gnocchi