3 good reasons to try this new health drink

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3 good reasons to try this new health drink

I'm a skeptic when it comes to many products with health claims. And let's just be honest with ourselves— protein-rich, healthy supplements like energy drinks or bars often taste a bit like dirt. They might have fancy packaging but "healthy" bars and beverages generally fail to impress me. They either taste horrible, are filled with sugar or other distasteful ingredients or they are just generally not that great for you despite any claims on the packaging. Rumble supershake  
But when I first heard about the  Rumble supershake on Dragon's Den I thought, man I really want to try these shakes! And I was impressed. Not only did it taste like chocolate milk (a guilty pleasure) but I could actually read the ingredient list.

There's a few more reason why I wanted to try them: 
1. Most importantly, the creator Paul Underhill was born with Cystic Fibrosis and created this to help him prep and recover from surgery for a double lung transplant. Yes, you heard me,  a double lung transplant. You can't really come up with a better motivation to improve your health.
2. They are a Canadian company based in Victoria B.C.
3. All the drinks have  3100mg of Omega-3 per serving, 20 grams of protein and are soy and gluten-free so the ingredient list already had me intrigued. It  also includes organic ingredients like flaxseed oil, pumpkins seed oil, agave nectar, spinach and added health boosters like kale, green tea extract and red beet juice.
I asked Paul to share his story.
Canadian Living: Can you tell me a bit about how you came up with the concept?
Paul Underhill: "For sure! Rumble springs from my necessity for a nutrient dense, nutritionally balanced beverage. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) - a severely debilitating disease which severely affected my health. I needed a well-balanced and all-natural drink with nourishing ingredients, that was also tasty and ready-to-drink. I was shocked to learn there was nothing that existed in Canada like this. When I was unable to purchase anything close, I fired up my blender and made my own!"
CL: Why or how did this drink help you recover more quickly from your transplant?
PU: "The recipe that formed the basis for Rumble was actually much more critical to me prior to my transplant, since keeping optimally nourished increases the chances of successful operation and shortens recovery time. That said, it definitely has been instrumental in helping fuel my recovery, since I am able to get the high-quality and lactose-free (99.8%) proteins I needed to rebuild (in the optimal 1:1 ratio with net carbs), combined with the omega 3s I don’t get from elsewhere in my diet (I don’t eat fish)."
CL: What makes your drink different from other health or protein drinks on the market?
PU: "It is also the only beverage on the market to combine a significant amount out Omega-3s with protein. It is the only (ready to drink) drink I am aware of formulated by a naturopath (Rumble is formulated by our co-Founder and naturopathic physician Dr. Kim McQueen).  We have a healthy portion of all the macronutrients - protein, carbs, healthy fats and 8g of fibre. As well, these all-natural nutrients are in perfect proportion to each other, with the protein to net carbs in 1:1 ratio and the Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid profile set by Dr. Kim at 2:1."
A note from Dr.Kim: "When we developed Rumble, you could find natural blended fruit drinks that delivered only carbohydrates and too much sugar or you could fun unnatural protein drinks or meal replacements devoid of EFAs and unbalanced nutritionally. There was a need for something natural and balanced that would help active or busy people. Being ready to drink meant no need for a blender and the reseal ability allows you to drink it if you are on the go."
CL: Why do you need that much omega in your diet?
PU: "Most people consume too much pro-inflammatory Omega-6, and not enough Omega-3. As well, studies have shown that diets with adequate health fat intake are healthier (and actually burn more calories!) than low fat diets. For this reason, we wanted to ensure we had the optimal amount of total fat per bottle, and also the ideal proportion (2:1) of Omega 3 to Omega 6.
From Dr.Kim: "The standard North American Diet is 20:1 favouring Omega-6s. The problem with Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) is that they are pro-inflammatory (increase body inflammation) and we know the route of many disease processes is inflammation. The wonderful thing about Omega-3 EFAs is that they are anti-inflammatory and thus promote good health. Having more Omega-3s then Omega-6s helps to balance people's EFAs, improving health."
What's your favourite health product?


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3 good reasons to try this new health drink